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Will You Buy a Cheap Menstrual Cup?

cheap Menstrual cups


There are cheap menstrual cups sold in the market. Almost all are made in China or South Korea.

Are they comfortable? Maybe. Are they safe? Maybe not.

Menstrual cups are categorized as Type II medical device by the FDA. To be cleared by the FDA, a brand like Sckoon needed to go through extensive bio-compatibility testing. It is necessary because menstrual cups are inserted in women’s body for many hours, and have direct contact with the internal vaginal wall.

In Japan, colored contact lenses were very popular. Although they are relatively expensive, some made in overseas were so cheap and many consumers in Japan purchased them. Some lost their eyesight.

FDA may not be perfect but at least they set guide lines for safety. Your health is precious. Your health is worth more than a few dollars.

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