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Should My Menstrual Cup Sit Below My Cervix?


If you’re currently researching the benefits of using a menstrual cup over traditional tampons, there’s a good chance you have some questions. Many women are confused about the actual placement of the cup once it is inserted, wondering if it will sit below the cervix.

A small menstrual cup will sit in the lower portion of the cervix, which is slightly lower than a tampon. To insert, you’ll fold the soft menstrual cup in a manner that is most comfortable for you. Once the cup is in place, you simply give it a twist to “pop” it open from the folded position. This will ensure that it can work as intended without risk for leaks.

Just as Comfortable

Some women are concerned that because a menstrual cup sits a bit lower than traditional tampons that it will be uncomfortable to wear. This is not the case. A soft menstrual cup is made from squishy silicone that really does move right along with you. As long as it has been properly inserted, your cup will move right along with you and can even be worn during exercise and other physical activities.

More Convenient

Even a small menstrual cup will hold much more fluid than a tampon, and you typically only need to empty your cup 2-3 times a day. Whether you don’t have constant access to a toilet at work or school or you’re just looking for a more reliable way to deal with your period while maintaining an active lifestyle, these cups can really be a revolutionary addition to your life! Once you’ve gotten used to the insertion and removal process, the rest truly is simplicity at work!

The bottom line is, don’t let the fact that these cups are different than what you’re used to get in the way. Depending on which brand or style of cup you choose to go with, more information regarding the exact placement and insertion can generally be found through the company’s website. As the saying goes, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it – so get ready to experience period protection in a whole NEW way!

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