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Pain with Menstrual Cup?

Sunrise Menstrual Cup Bottom

Have you experienced discomfort or pain with Menstrual Cup?

If you have recently started using a menstrual cup and have experienced some pain during insertion, don’t panic. Many women who begin using a cup for menstruation instead of traditional pads and tampons may experience some discomfort at first. This generally is due to a learning curve on how to properly insert these devices, and many users get the hang of it shortly after beginning regular use.

It may take a cycle or so, but you’ll want to develop your own personal insertion style that works best for you. Menstruation cups are meant to be folded in order to be comfortably inserted. Different folding styles can be done, and there really is no “right or wrong” way to go about this. The goal is to make the cup small enough to be easily inserted without causing any pain or discomfort.


If you are having trouble inserting your cup for menstruation and think that a lubricant may help, it’s important to choose something that is water based. Oil based lubricants can cause damage to the silicone and could cause your menstrual cup to deteriorate over time. Lubricants don’t tend to be the neatest, especially when you’re using public restrooms, so keep this in mind before trying other insertion methods. A different fold could do the trick and make putting your cup in place much easier.

Practice Makes Perfect

When worn correctly, menstruation cups should be relatively undetectable and feel the same as a tampon would. They certainly take a bit of getting used to, so don’t let the initial pain or discomfort you feel after a few uses deter you from trying the product again. However, if you’re experiencing pain even after you’ve assured that you’re inserting and removing the cup properly, you may want to consult with your doctor.

Additionally, be sure to consult the website for the company that you purchased your period cup from. Here, you can usually find more information about comfortable insertion, different folding methods and suggestions on alternatives to using lubricants. Every woman is different, so don’t be afraid to listen to your body and make adjustments in order to ensure a comfortable cycle each and every time!

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