TMI Tuesday’s Are Here at SckoonCup–The Most Advanced Menstrual Cup!

SckoonCup is devoting Tuesday to you! That’s right, the first Tuesday of each month is devoted to your hard-to-ask questions. Are you wondering how on earth the SckoonCup Menstrual Cup is no messier than a tampon, and need it thoroughly explained in explicit details?

What is TMI Tuesday? #TMITuesday

TMI Tuesday is a time to message us on Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter with your questions that you think are TMI (aka too much information) to talk about in a forum or public social media pages.

Of course, you are always encouraged to call or email SckoonCup with your questions or concerns! The first Tuesday of each month, however is devoted to you and your tough questions via Facebook Messages, Twitter Direct Messages, or Tumblr Messages! You can expect a response within a few hours on TMI Tuesday between 10am and 8pm ET.

We encourage any and all questions, however, we at SckoonCup are not Doctors! We cannot answer questions about medical issues that you might be experiencing regarding your period.

SckoonCup’s social media team looks forward to your questions on the first Tuesday of each month! Join us for the first TMI Tuesday on August 5th! If you can’t join us on that date make sure to mark your calendar for September 2, 2014!

Don’t forget to check out the SckoonCup YouTube Review Contest happening right now until the end of August! Go here to learn more:

SckoonCup Menstrual Cup

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