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Spring break is almost here! It’s time to break out our swimsuits and head to the nearest beach. But before you go, here are our top 11 Spring Break Essentials!

71lCaGXjckL#11 Turkish beach towel

 A comfortable, oversized beach towel is a  must for anyone heading to the beach this  spring break. Perfect to wrap yourself up  after a long day of swimming. One of our  favorites is this Turkish towel in vibrant  yellow, available on Amazon here.



#10 Breathable organic tank top

Whether you’re going shopping or just lounging in your hotel room, a comfortable organic tank top is the perfect attire. One of our favorites is this handmade organic cotton top from an etsy seller – the color is gorgeous!


#9 Organic Dry Shampoo

When you’re on vacation sometimes you just don’t want to waste time showering. We understand. There’s just so much to do! That’s why we ALWAYS pack some organic dry shampoo. One of our favorites? This brunette hair powder from Naked Eye Beauty. It smells so DELICIOUS you may be tempted to eat it.


#8 Organic Tooth Powder

Toothpaste is loaded in harsh chemicals. The few organic toothpaste options available aren’t always tasty or effective. Fig+Yarrow has done an amazing job at formulating this organic tooth powder and it’s pretty tasty. A must have for any trip – and since it’s powder, it’s very easy to take just a little bit with you and save room in your suitcase.



#7 Vegan Mineral Makeup

 For those nights on the town, make   sure you bring along your mineral  makeup. Borne Cosmetics has a  phenomenal line of organic and  vegan mineral makeup. The shea butter concealer offers great coverage while remaining light on skin and the silk mineral foundation gives skin a healthy glow. Check out the complete line here.


#6 Organic Face Exfoliating Grains

Treat yourself to complete spa experience with Buff Her’s exfoliating grains. These grains are great for daily washes or use as a mask. Each bottle also contains up to 200 applications – so the bottle will definitely last for a while. Our absolute favorite scent? The Banana Bread Pudding. Yum!



#5 Sckoon Organic Menstrual Pad 

  Sckoon organic menstrual pads and    liners are a must have for any trips.   They’re great for light flow, spotting, or  just as backup for those “oops” nights.  Made using organic cotton, you can feel  good about what you’re putting near your body.



   #4 Oversized Pullover Top

 Perfect for pulling over your swimsuit. Soft,  long, and very very comfortable! This pullover  yoga top is available from Amazon, and it’s  one of our absolute favorite tops!


1258962_195650 #3  Cute Vegan Sandals

When you’re heading to the beach, cute sandals are a must! These adorable gold VEGAN sandals are the perfect accessory. You’re sure to look FAB strutting down the beach with these bad boys on, and you can feel good knowing they’re cruelty free.



aqua_side_1-240x300#2 SckoonCup Menstrual Cup

 We never leave home without bringing our  trusty SckoonCup menstrual cup. You never  know when Aunt Flow may decide to pay you  a surprise visit. Don’t let her ruin your  vacation – with SckoonCup you can keep partying hard, even in a white bikini.


#1 An awesome swimsuit – of course!

Speaking of bikini’s, check out three of our FAVORITE swimsuits:

cherry   retro       47121274ds_14_f-236x300 



What’s in your suitcase? Let us know in the comments or join the discussion on Facebook.

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