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What’s In Your Purse? Build Your Own Ecofriendly Period Kit!


We all know the fear of being unprepared when aunt flow decides to pay us a spontaneous visit. How dare she! Having an emergency stash ready to go in your purse is a good idea when your period is creeping up on you. We’ve compiled a list of our FAVORITE items to help you build the perfect Ecofriendly period kit! Read on to learn more, and take a look at the image below for a sneak peek.


 Soap Bits: A few soap bits in your  wet bag is perfect for when you need  gentle soap on the go. Try these  soap bits from Lil Sprout. Our favorite  scent? Monkey Farts – fruity and fun!


Natural Intimate Wipe: Sometimes you just need a quick freshen up. Box Naturals Intimate Wipes are the perfect solution! Small and discreet in two amazing scents. Our favorite scent? Rosewater – soft and gentle!

Cloth Wipe: Don’t forget the cloth wipe! Great for using with your soap bits. One cloth wipe is typically 4×4, the ideal size for folding up and stashing in your wet bag. Just add water and you’ve got the perfect travel solution for your cleaning needs.

Sckoon Wetbag: Perfect for stashing your items away in your purse. Sckoon’s wet bags are made using only organic cotton and a waterproof liner. With a Leak-proof sheet inside, you can easily carry three Sckoon Cloth Menstrual Day Pads. Convenient and easy to carry, you can place clean pads on one side and soiled pads on the other.

Sckoon Cloth Pad Liner: Cloth pad liners are great for random spotting or as extra protection when wearing a menstrual cup. Say goodbye to the sticky, sweaty feeling of disposable pads and hello to comfort. Sckoon pads feel like just another layer of super soft underwear, leaving you free to forget all about adhesives ruining your good lingerie or sticking to you and your clothing.

Sckoon Menstrual Cup: Don’t forget your SckoonCup Menstrual Cup! The best way to stay active when you’re on the go! Aesthetically pleasant, engineered for functionality and comfort, SckoonCup will change your hygiene experience forever. The smoothly curved, easy to clean opening will make caring for your SckoonCup simple and hygienic.

Cloth Cup Spot: Emptying and cleaning your menstrual cup in a public restroom can be gross and unhygienic. Save yourself the worry and keep a small cloth cup spot or facial round in your wet bag. For more tips on using your Menstrual Cup on the go, check out this post!

Emergency Chocolate: For when your cravings hit, keep a small bar of chocolate handy. Our favorite chocolate? Green & Black Organic Milk Chocolate 1.2 OZ bar. Small and portable, without taking up too much room in your purse! Plus, it’s DELICIOUS and ORGANIC!

Do you have an item not listed above? Let us know in the comments or join the discussion on Facebook!

Aly Sanger


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