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10 Ways To Have A Minimalist Bathroom

Want a cleaner bathroom? Tired of walking in and seeing clutter everywhere? We have 10 tips for you today on how to have a minimalist bathroom (or just a cleaner one)!

Get Rid of Empty Bottles
Empty bottles are often the number two contributor to bathroom clutter (empty toilet paper rolls fall in the number one spot in many homes). Make it a habit to recycle bottles as soon as you empty them.

Try No ‘Poo
Want to limit the bottles in your bathroom even more? Try going no ‘poo! Skipping the shampoo in your shower will reduce the amount of bottles and clutter, and your hair may even be healthier without all those chemicals stripping it of its natural oil.

Stop Buying Disposable Menstrual Products
How many boxes of tampons and pads do you have cluttering up the space beneath your sink? Hopefully you said NONE because you’ve already made the switch to reusables. But if you haven’t yet, think about all that space being wasted by soon to be trash (that may take upwards of 500 years to fully decompose!!). Make the switch to menstrual cups and cloth pads and save space (and the planet)!

Use It Up or Toss It Out
Make this a rule in your bathroom: Either use it up or toss it out (preferably to a friend or family member who will find use in the product).

Limit Duplicates
Do you really need three spare conditioners? How about five or six bottles of the same soap? Sure, you may have gotten an AMAZING deal, but if the deal was for something that you rarely or seldom use, you’re just cluttering up valuable space. Limit the duplicates unless it is an item you use everyday.

Get Rid of the Junk Drawer
If you have a junk drawer in your bathroom, empty it out. Junk drawers are called “Junk drawers” for a reason. Do you know why? Because they’re filled with JUNK that we put there because we can’t find a more suitable place for them. Often times our junk drawer contains countless items that never end up leaving the drawer.

Thoroughly Clean Your Bathroom
Once you’ve decluttered it’s time to clean! When a space is clean we’re less likely to clutter it, and more likely to put things away when we’re done with them. Take some time to do a deep cleaning of your bathroom – think of your bathroom as your personal spa.

Group Similar Items Together
Once you’ve decluttered it’s time to organize. Start first by grouping like items together. This way everything you need is easy to find – no more scrambling around trying to find your hairspray. Group hair items together, makeup together, lotions together, and so on.

Keep Everyday Items Easily Accessible
Don’t bury your everyday items in the back of the cabinet. Keep them within reach and easily accessible. If you have to remove everything from the cabinet just to find your mascara every morning you may end up just leaving everything on the counter, cluttering it up again.

Store Items You Use Sparingly
Items you seldom use can be stored in bins or baskets, out of sight but still clean and organized. If you’d like, label the bins and baskets so you’ll always know where everything is.

What are your tips for a cleaner bathroom? Let us know in the comments or join the discussion on Facebook!

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