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How To Insert and Open A Menstrual Cup


Whether it’s your first time using a menstrual cup or the hundredth time, we have a couple tips for making insertion easier and some advice for how to open a menstrual cup.


Always Wash Hands
Before handling your menstrual cup, always make sure you wash your hands thoroughly.

PUNCH Try The Punch Down Fold
 One of the easiest and most effective  folds for inserting a menstrual cup is  the punch down fold. Holding your  cup, use your finger to push down  one side of the cup. This will make  the top part of the cup very narrow    and the bottom part wide. The narrow tip is generally about the size of a tampon and makes inserting easier.


Relax, Don’t Tense Up
It’s natural to tense up when something new is being inserted. This is a big no-no and will only make the insertion process more difficult (and you may wind up very sore). Before you begin, make sure to completely relax. Many women find that inserting their cup after taking a bath is often best. Don’t give up! It does get easier!

Use A Water Based Lube
Sometimes your pelvic floor muscles can be tense or strong, making it difficult to insert and open your menstrual cups. For situations like these, try using a water based lube. The lube will help to make insertion easier. Combine this step with the above step and you’ll be a master in no time!


Are you having difficulty getting your menstrual cup to “POP” open once inserted? Don’t sweat it! There are many reasons your cup may not open fully. We’re here to help you tackle some of the more common reasons why your cup may not be opening.

Try A Different Fold
Often times we find our favorite fold and stick with it. On those days where the Punch Down Fold is just not cutting it, try a different fold, such as the C-Fold, the 7-Fold, or the Tulip Fold.

Reach Up And Manually Open It
Tried a different fold and the cup is STILL not opening? It may be time for some assistance. Reach up inside, and run your finger along the cup until you find the rim of the cup. Push the rim up to help it pop open. You can also use the stem of your cup to gently tug the cup down and then push it back up into place.

Squeeze The Bottom Of The Cup
Sometimes air gets caught in the cup fold, making it difficult to open fully. For instances like these, gently squeezing the bottom of the cup usually helps to force the rim to pop open, pushing the air out. Be careful not to squeeze too hard here or you may end up accidentally pinching the cup closed at the bottom.

Do you have any tips for inserting and opening a menstrual cup? Let us know in the comments or join the discussion on Facebook!

Aly Sanger


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