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How To Fold A Menstrual Cup: Menstrual Cup Folds

Menstrual cups are made using a medical grade silicone. This means they’re super soft and very flexible. This also means you’ll have a ton of fun folding and twisting your cup. When it’s time to get serious about inserting your cup, and playtime is over, do you know the best way to fold your cup? We’ve got you covered! Read on to learn our top three methods.

How To Fold A Menstrual Cup:

There are many different ways to fold a menstrual cup, but the top three methods are the Punch-Down fold, the C fold, and the 7 fold.

The Punch-Down fold tends to be the most popular method we hear, and for good reason. The Punch-Down fold is very easy to use; simply “punch down” on one side of the cup using your pointer or thumb. Once pushed down, the cup becomes very easy to fold. The result is a very narrow top and a wider base, making it easy to pop open once inserted.

The second most popular fold is the C fold (or the U fold). This fold is exactly what it’s name says it is: your cup begins to form the shape of a C or U. To use this fold, pinch your cup closed (bringing the rim to a close at the top). Once flat at the top, fold the cup in half (rim to rim) until the top part looks like a C or U. This fold will result in the entire cup folding, so the bottom will also be folded over. Insert the rim side and allow the cup to pop open.

The third fold we’ll tell you about is the 7 fold. To fold your cup in the 7 fold, you pinch the rim closed again (just like we did in the C fold above) and then fold the right side of the cup across the body of the cup. Once completely across, the top of the cup will be narrow and the bottom will be wide. The rim will resemble the number 7 in shape. Insert the narrow end and then allow the cup to pop open inside.

To see more folds, or for a visual of the three folds we detailed above, take a look at our latest video:

The video mentions the above three folds, plus:

  • the S fold,
  • the 3 fold,
  • the labia fold,
  • the origami fold,
  • the roll fold, and
  • the triangle/double 7 fold

Which is your favorite fold? Do you know a fold we didn’t list above or mention in the video? Let us know! Join the discussion in the comments below, or find us on Facebook!

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