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5 Natural Ways to Relieve PMS & Cramps

We all hate that feeling of our insides being stomped. PMS and cramps are no walk in the park! Sometimes we just want to curl up in a ball on the couch surrounded by bottles of Midol and chugging caffeine, but if you’re trying to green your menstrual care, we’ve got five natural ways to help you relieve your PMS and cramps. Read on to learn natural ways to relieve PMS and cramps!

Hot Water Bottle
The easiest method for instant relief is also one of the oldest in the books – a hot water bottle! Just fill it up, wrap it in a towel (if needed) and place it on your abdomen. Grab a cup of your favorite tea and lounge on the couch for some relief. If you don’t have a hot water bottle, try a hot bath instead…

Enjoy A Hot Bath
A hot water bottle on your abdomen feels amazing, but you know what feels even better? Hot water surrounding your entire body, relaxing muscles, and easing the aches. Add some essential oils or epsom salt for an extra kick.

Move Your Body
Exercise, including Yoga, is great for natural relief of cramps and many other symptoms associated with PMS. Yoga is one of the best forms of exercise when you’re experiencing the PMS blues. It’s uplifting, boosts your energy, and can help relax your muscles and mind. Take a look at these twelve yoga poses ideal for PMS!

Watch What You Eat
What you eat can have a greater impact on your PMS than you may realize. First, limit your salt intake. Salt can cause your body to bloat and retain water – not fun! Second, watch out for foods that can cause an inflammatory effect, for example sugar, dairy, and trans fat may have inflammatory properties.

Get Plenty of Rest & Relaxation
Your menstrual cycle can actually impact your sleep cycle. Some women even experience insomnia around the time of their cycle. Lack of sleep and stress may make your PMS even worse, causing mood swings and triggering anxiety.Need some help falling asleep at night? Enjoy your hot bath, drink calming tea, and try heading to bed an hour earlier.

Bonus Tip: Skip The Disposables
Still using disposables menstrual products such as tampons? The chemicals found in your disposable menstrual products could be contributing to your heavier flow and painful cramps. Many women report significantly lighter and easier periods once ditching the disposables and switching to reusable menstrual products, such as menstrual cups and cloth pads.

Let Us Know!
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