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Are you having difficulties getting your menstrual cup to open? Read on for tips and tricks for opening menstrual cups!

Make Sure You Relax
We’ve stressed this before in other posts, but it’s one of the most important tips we can give. If you’re tense you may wind up causing issues when trying to insert. You could even cause yourself to become very sore. Make sure you relax! If you need to, take a warm bath or read a book before you begin your task. If you are still having difficulties inserting your menstrual cup, take a break. If you keep forcing yourself you’re just going to exhaust yourself and possibly stress yourself out even more!

As a side note, while it may be “gross” to think about, you may also want to go to the bathroom before you begin. Remember, your bowel and vagina are very close.

Try Water Based Lube
If the insertion process is what is causing you stress or the most difficult part, you can try a water based lube. Just a small amount on the lip of your cup is enough to get your cup to insert easier. Always make sure the water based lube is suitable for vaginal use and thoroughly clean the lube off your cup between uses.

Try A Different Fold
Sometimes your favorite fold just isn’t cutting it. If you’re having a ton of difficulties getting your cup to properly pop open, try experimenting. There’s a ton of folds out there, including the Origami Fold, E or 3 fold, Labia fold, and more. Some of our favorite folds for getting your cup to open every time is the punch down fold, origami fold, and labia fold. Check out our recent blog post for even more folds.

Make Sure The Air Holes Are Clear
If the air holes on your menstrual cup are clogged in any way it could prevent your cup from opening. Before inserting your menstrual cup, always make sure to thoroughly inspect the air holes on your menstrual cup to see if any leftover cleaning solution or blood could be clogging the holes.


Move Around (Inside And Outside)
You may need to adjust your cup once inside if you’re able to easily insert but cannot get it to pop open. Sometimes just tugging on the stem is enough to get it to open. Other times you may need to place a finger inside and manually nudge it open. Another idea is to insert and try a little dance. Just shaking around can cause the cup to find its spot and pop open on its own.

Do you have any tips for inserting and opening a menstrual cup? Let us know in the comments or join the discussion on Facebook!

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