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10 Reasons To Switch To Menstrual Cups

Still on the fence about whether a menstrual cup is really as great as it seems? We’ve got 10 fantastic reasons that may sway you to agree with us that a menstrual cup is worth it!

No harmful chemicals
One of the biggest (and most well know) reasons menstrual cups are amazing is because they lack the harmful chemicals that traditional store-bought menstrual products contain. It’s become well known that the cotton used in many disposables go through lengthy (and harmful) bleaching process. Menstrual cups are made using gentle medical grade materials (such as medical grade silicone).

Reduce your risk for TSS
A risk of using tampons is toxic shock syndrome. While the risk has significantly decreased over the years, the risk still remains. The use of menstrual cups is not linked to TSS. Menstrual cups are made using high-quality medical grade silicone, latex, or rubber – not absorbent materials.

Say goodbye to adult diaper rash
Some women experience the equivalent to diaper rash when wearing disposable menstrual pads. Switch to a menstrual cup and say goodbye to those nasty adult diaper rashes and other equally uncomfortable irritation caused by tampons.

No more outlines
Have you ever worn a pair of yoga pants and feared the whole world would see your pad? Worry no more!

Enjoy swimming
Enjoy swimming without worrying about a pad soaking up the water or having to keep track of how long you’ve been wearing your tampon. With a menstrual cup you can safely wear it for up to 12 hours – plenty of time to swim and surf.

Enjoy nature, hikes, and camping
No more worrying when you’re enjoying nature! One of the biggest inconveniences when you’re hiking or camping is worrying about your used tampons or pads. With a menstrual cup, it’s easier to travel.

Check out our tips for how to travel with your menstrual cup here!

Stop contributing to waste
Switch to a menstrual cup and you’ll contribute less to waste. One menstrual cup can replace hundreds of tampons and disposable pads.

Sleep soundly
For up to 12 hours you can wear your menstrual cup – imagine what that means for your beauty sleep! No more setting the alarm to make sure you change your tampon or pad after only a handful of hours.

No more drying out
Tampons absorb your natural moisture, which can cause you to feel dry and uncomfortable. Menstrual cups do not absorb. Instead, a menstrual cup collects your flow.

Enjoy your workout
Without the discomfort of tampons and pads you’ll be able to go for hours at the gym (or enjoy savasana in yoga without worry).  

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