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Menstrual Cups: Five Unexpected Benefits When You Make The Switch

When I first made the switch to cloth pads it was enlightening. When I embraced my first menstrual cup I was forever changed. You’ve likely heard many of the benefits of switching to menstrual cups, including less waste, save money, and no harmful chemicals. Here’s five (unexpected) benefits of switching to menstrual cups:

You begin to feel like an expert on everything menstrual related.

You can now quote the ingredient list in tampons and disposable menstrual pads. You know exactly how much blood to expect each month. You’ve even mastered the technique of inserting your menstrual cup, and have dozens of tips to share (sometimes without even being asked). You’ve officially become the go-to person for your friends when they have a question regarding their menstrual cup. You know all the best methods for removing stains, smells, and whatever else comes along with having a period. Feels good, doesn’t it?

You become very in touch with your body.

The idea of getting near menstrual blood no longer grosses you out or makes you queasy, in fact it’s become a stepping stone to properly inserting your menstrual cup – and you’re OK with that. There’s something very intimate and wonderful about becoming so in tune with your body.

You become an advocate for reusable menstrual options.

Once you’ve become an expert in menstrual care, you want to spread the news to everyone! You become an advocate for menstrual cups and cloth pads, quoting the benefits of their use to anyone who will listen. You may even have a speech memorized for when people try to dispute the benefits or find the products gross. “Sticking cotton riddled with harmful chemicals into your body isn’t gross, but safe medical grade silicone is? Let’s discuss this further…”

You connect with a whole new community of people you love.

Entering the reusable menstrual care world can be scary, but one quick internet search brings out a whole new world you never knew existed. A world that’s very welcoming and loving. By switching to reusable menstrual products you are welcomed into a new community full of people you can connect with.

Personal boundaries become a bit blurred, but you’re OK with that.

When someone says to you “Sorry – that was TMI,” you just laugh. Nothing is off limits anymore when it comes to menstrual care. You may even find yourself starting conversations about your menstrual cup with your new found community, discussing every little detail. Conversations that may have made you nauseous before no longer phase you.

What unexpected benefit did you gain when you made the switch to menstrual cups or cloth pads? Let us know in the comments below or join the discussion on Facebook!

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