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Switched To A Menstrual Cup? What Should You Do With Your Unused Tampons?

So you’ve finally made the switch to a menstrual cup but now you’re left with a large supply of tampons left over. What should you do with them? Before you toss them into the trash, take a look at these 6 great ideas to help you out!

Add them to your first aid kit

Tampons are super absorbent and make fantastic first aid supplies. You’ve likely heard someone use a tampon before to stop a bloody nose, but a tampon can also be used as a makeshift bandage, ear plugs, and more! Just don’t plan on using them for long because they do still have harmful chemicals – they’re good when you’re in a bind and need something quick!

Add them to your survival kit

Tampons have surprising uses if you ever get trapped on an island or lost in the forest. According to this survival blog you can use tampons as a fishing lure, fishing line, to start a fire, and even as a filter for water. Store those extra tampons in a bag along with your other survival gear for those “just-in-case” moments.

Turn your tampons into art

There’s tons of tampon art circulating lately, including this rather impressive chandelier made entirely out of tampons (14,000 tampons!!). Could you imagine this gigantic art piece hanging above your dining table? Maybe you’re not a fan of the solid white color. Being made of cotton it’s also very easy to dye them and enjoy a brightly colored chandelier instead.

Turn them into costumes or clothing

You could also turn your unused tampons into fun halloween costumes, including this combat gear “Feminist Rambo” costume where the tampons are used in place of bullets. Or turn your tampons into clothing. Take a look at this Prom Dress made of tampons or this super cozyHalter Top. Don’t forget to the matching jewelry! A tampon necklace or tampon earrings would match perfectly. Don’t forget the matching wig!

No party is complete without cake

Lastly, no party is complete without cake. The next party you have you can surprise your guests with a different kind of cake. Take a look at this Tampon Cake featured on the Brooklyn Museum webpage. Your guests will definitely be surprised if you rolled out that cake at your next get together.

You Could Always Donate Them

All jokes aside, there are many fantastic organizations and individuals unable to afford menstrual products. These organizations are usually very accommodating to accepting your new and unused feminine care products, including disposable pads and tampons. Talk to your local donation centers, women’s shelters, homeless shelters, etc. to find out if they’re accepting feminine care products.

Let us know: What did you do with your leftover tampons once you switched to a menstrual cup? Tell us in the comments below or join the discussion on Facebook!

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