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Whitney writes, My menstrual cup has a strange smell. I’m worried the smell won’t ever go away. How do I get rid of the smell from my menstrual cup?? -Whitney D.

Are you experiencing a similar issue? Read on for our top eight tips for tackling menstrual cup smells.

Change Your Cup Twice A Day (Minimum)
You should be changing your menstrual cup every 12 hours (maximum) but if you have a heavier flow you may need to change it more frequently. Avoid leaving your cup in longer than directed – the longer the blood sits inside the more risk you have for menstrual cup smells.

Clean Your Menstrual Cup Regularly
When you empty your menstrual cup, try rinsing or cleaning before re-inserting. The longer you go between washes, the longer the blood residue sits on your cup, potentially causing menstrual cup smells. A quick rinse between uses may help deter these unpleasant scents.

Boil Your Menstrual Cup Between Uses
In addition to regularly cleaning your menstrual cup during use, make sure to fully sterilize it between cycles. For tips on sterilizing and boiling your menstrual cup, see our previous post onhow to clean your menstrual cup.

Don’t Forget To Clean The Suction Holes & Grip Rings
Often overlooked, the suction holes and grip rings on your menstrual cup are the perfect location for lingering bacteria to hide. The grooves and suction holes can be tricky to clean, but a new toothbrush (that you don’t plan on using) is great for cleaning the grip rings, and floss works well when threaded through the suction holes. Try to avoid anything sharp when cleaning your cup – you don’t want to accidentally poke a hole in your cup.

Maintain Good Hygiene & Health
Strong smells can be a sign of poor hygiene or health. If you find you have a strong smell coming from your vagina and your menstrual cup, it could be time for a doctor’s visit. Yeast infections and other common vaginal infections all have symptoms that could cause unpleasant smells.

Don’t Worry About It
Vagina’s naturally have a smell, and yours may be a bit stronger than others. If you are concerned about a smell, discuss with your healthcare professional for tips.

Try Our Tips For Stain Removal
Still dealing with stubborn smells? Try our tips for stain removal – these are effective for smells as well!

Let us know: What tips do you have for someone trying to remove smells from their menstrual cup? Tell us in the comments below or join the discussion on Facebook!

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