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Stumped when it comes to the women in your life and their monthly cycle? Here’s 10 tips to help you navigate menstrual cycle health.

1. Women, on average, menstruate every 28 days, but the time between cycles can be shorter or longer. Some women may menstruate every 21 days while others may menstruate every 35 days. Learn more here.

2. Menstruation typically  lasts 3 – 5 days, but it may last longer. There’s a lot going on inside and outside for a woman when menstruating, and these changes can last 3 – 5 days, sometimes longer.

3.  It is possible to have intense cramps that can be paralyzing. Some women may even be dealing with a condition known as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) that can cause intense and heavy periods among many other symptoms. Learn more about PCOS here.

4. Pregnancy is not the only reason a woman may not menstruate. PCOS, as mentioned above, is a condition that can cause irregular or infrequent menstruation. Other conditions may cause a woman not to menstruate at all. Women who have reached menopause no longer experience their monthly cycle (this typically occurs later in life). Some birth control may also limit menstruation. There are many reasons a woman may not bleed, but none of these reasons make her any less of a woman.

5. Hormones ebb and flow when a woman is on her cycle or approaching her cycle. An imbalance between hormones can cause a wide range of symptoms during and before menstruation. Anxiety, hunger, irritability, tiredness, and more can be experienced during this time. Learn more here.

6. The changes in hormones can affect a woman’s emotions. As mentioned above, as hormones change during a woman’s cycle, emotions can be affected. Be patient.

7. Some women bloat during their period. Clothes may feel tight and we may not feel very comfortable. It’s perfectly acceptable for us to wear clothing that feels comfortable on our bodies.

8. It’s possible to bleed when you’re not on your period, sometimes right before ovulation, which may cause ovulation to be confused with the start of menstruation. Generally, any blood released before/during ovulation is pretty light and does not last for long. This is usually referred to as “spotting.” Learn more here.

9. It is possible to get pregnant while bleeding. Sperm can live inside a woman’s body for several days. Learn more here.

10. Stay away from the term “crazy” or any other negative terms (whether a woman is menstruating or not). Women are often given the nickname of crazy while menstruating, but take a look at everything happening inside a woman’s body. Be patient, loving, and kind.

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