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Frugal Friday – Four Tips For Affordable Summer Fun!

Happy Frugal Friday!! Summer is upon us, which means many of us are traveling, shopping, hitting the beach, and overall spending (too much?) money. We’ve got four fantastic tips to help stretch your summer budget just a bit further!

Plan Ahead – Going with the flow can be fun, but it often leads to impromptu spending. For big trips, plan ahead. Set a budget for how much you’ll spend on hotels, rentals, restaurants, activities, events, and more. Try websites such as AirBnB, Uber, Kayak and Hotwire to snag the best deals, and book in advance to snag the best rates. Remember to put some wiggle room in there for those days you want to hit the stores or something unplanned pops up. It’s OK to be spontaneous from time to time.

Don’t Be Afraid To Travel Solo Or Split Costs In A Group – Going solo on a trip has tons of advantages, including lower costs for food, admission to events, etc. Plus you can always spend a night inside if you feel like it – without having to ask. On the flip side, traveling in a group means splitting some of the hefty costs, such as hotel and cab costs. You’re more likely to go out frequently when traveling with pals, which means you may spend more on outings. Whether you travel in a group or alone, make sure you’re safe!

Freeze Your Credit Cards – A classic because it works! You’ve probably heard someone mention in a movie or TV show freezing their credit card in a block of ice. This helps keep our hands off and restricts us from spending money we don’t have. Maybe take it a step further – With today’s modern technology, sometimes freezing your card in a block of ice isn’t enough. Computers make it easy to store your card on file or save it to your passwords. You may want to delete your card from these sources as well – really make it difficult for you to spend.

And last (but certainly not least), don’t forget your SckoonCup! Tampons and disposable pads may have a price tag under $10, but the cost quickly adds up over time! Save money in the long run by switching to a SckoonCup – just one SckoonCup can replace hundreds of disposable menstrual products a year! Want to more? Take a look at this blog post here.

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