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Teen Period Advice: Tips For Wearing Cloth Pads & Menstrual Cups At School

Uh oh! It’s almost time to head back to class. Are you ready to head back to school? Before you head to your locker, let’s talk about your period. While you may no longer deal with the cringing sound of tearing open a disposable, there are still some obstacles to navigate when using reusable menstrual products at school. Here’s our top 7 teen period advice: tips for managing your period while wearing cloth pads and menstrual cups at school.

Keep A Period Kit In Your Locker – Cloth pads are roughly the same size as disposables, so it’s pretty easy to keep a few in your locker. Our go-to “period kit” includes a cloth pads, feminine wipes, and more. Take a look at the full list here.

Carry A Wet bag – Wet bags are useful not only for soiled cloth pads, but also as a cute hand bag on the way to the restroom. Store your clean cloth pad in the wet bag while you head to the bathroom. Wet bags are pretty secure, so have no fear about smell, but if you are worried you can always place your wet bag in your locker until it’s time to leave – just don’t forget it.

If You Don’t Have A Wetbag, A Ziplock Bag Works – When you’re in a bind, a clean ziplock bag does the trick for soiled pads. Plus – you can always wash and reuse the ziplock bag for future cloth pads (just don’t use it for food storage).

Keep Feminine Wipes On Hand – For when you need a quick freshen up, feminine wipes certainly do the trick! We always carry a couple feminine wipes with us as they’re handy not just during periods. Throw a couple in your bag for post-workout or if you need a pick-me-up.

Antibacterial Wipes Are Also Good To Have – You can use these to wipe down surfaces or your hands before and after using the toilet. We’ll occasionally use these to wipe down the toilet before use, but they also come in handy for that “just incase” moment of accidental blood on the seat.

Use A Cup Spot In Public Restrooms – A cup spot is a small cloth circle, perfect for placing your cup on after you’ve rinsed it and before re-inserting it. This way you’re not placing your cup on a public surface (gross!) or on toilet paper (may stick to your cup).

Bring A Bottle Of Water With You – For those times where you don’t have access to a sink, bring a small bottle of water with you into the toilet stall to make rinsing your menstrual cup super easy. We also recommend you bring a cloth wipe with you to wipe your cup off (toilet paper can sometimes leave debris behind).

And last (but certainly not least), don’t forget your SckoonCup!

Do you have a tip not listed above? Let us know in the comments or join the discussion on Facebook!

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