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Minimalist Tips: Declutter Your Makeup Bag


Are you overwhelmed with the amount of makeup in your bag? Is there no space on your counter for anything else? Let’s declutter your makeup bag!

Ditch the products you never use
Do you have a ton of products on your counter you rarely (if ever) use? It’s time to ditch them! A good place to start is to set a 90 day rule. Haven’t used a product in 90 days? It may be time to reconsider it.

Out with the old and expired
Let’s dump out our makeup bag. How many products are you currently carrying around that are super old or empty? Toss them! If you’re carrying around anything expired it’s definitely time to toss it.

Look for multi-use products
Time to restock your supply? Look for products that serve multiple purposes. It may seem counterproductive to your current expert stash but there are quite a few awesome products that are perfect for this role and up to the task!

Shrink your storage
Still battling an abundance of product? Try shrinking your storage. Limit the space you designate for cosmetics on your counter and opt for a smaller makeup bag. The smaller space will force you to think twice on how you use it.

Keep your staples and limit the rest
Ready for a bigger challenge? Try narrowing down your cosmetics to just the top 10 staple items. Choose wisely and limit the rest. You don’t have to toss them but put them to the side and revisit the very first bullet point after 90 days. What products have gone completely unused during this time?

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