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8 Tips For Reducing Plastic In Your Life

Are you trying to reduce your waste? Ditching and reducing plastic waste for good is one of the best ways to do so! We’ve got eight tips for you today for ditching the plastic in your life.

8 – Opt for glass or metal – While both glass and metal also have a long decomposing time, the time is significantly smaller than plastic! Plus, glass and metal are easily recyclable, where many plastics are not.

7 – Recycle what you can – Fortunately, plastic is becoming more recyclable as many companies ditch the more harmful plastic. Many restaurants, stores, parks, etc. also offer recycle stations as well, so there’s no reason to toss the plastic. Always check the bottoms of your containers to confirm they can be recycled, and then make sure you recycle them!

6 – Shop similar, eco-friendly products – Heading to the store? Tons of products are available made using safe, eco-friendly products instead of harmful plastic. For example, bamboo or stainless steel cookware can replace the plastic versions. Glass bottles are fantastic option over plastic. Don’t forget to also check out your local shops first to save on shipping costs.

5 – BYOB (to-go boxes) – While it may feel awkward carrying in your own to-go container, think about how much waste you’re avoiding by doing so. Most to-go containers are made using plastic, styrofoam, or coated cardboard. Gross! Safe glass containers are certainly the more eco-friendly option.

4 – BYOB (shopping bag) – While we’re on the BYOB kick, don’t forget to bring your own shopping bags when hitting the store. Reusable shopping bags are compact and can easily be carried in your purse, pocket, bag, etc.

3 – Use reusable produce bags – Don’t forget to also bring your reusable produce bags when you hit the store. Often made of cotton mesh, cloth produce bags are a great way to store fresh fruits and vegetables while reducing the amount of plastic bags you take home.

2 – Use reusable snack bags – Speaking of reusable bags, did you know there’s also reusable cloth snack bags? These baggies are often lined with save and waterproof PUL or Nylon and can be used for years, where plastic snack baggies often only receive a single use.

1 – Ditch the disposable pads and tampons! Of course our number 1 tip has to be to ditch the disposables. Tampons, pads, and even diapers are a HUGE contributor to plastic waste. Instead, switch to organic cloth pads or a reusable medical-grade silicone menstrual cup.

Do you have a tip not listed above? Let us know in the comments or join the discussion on Facebook!

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