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Menstrual Cups and IUD: Can I Wear A Menstrual Cup With An IUD?

menstrual cup and IUD

Menstrual cups and IUD’s – a topic heavily debated lately. Considering a menstrual cup but you have an IUD? Are you wondering if it’s safe to wear a menstrual cup with an IUD?


We’ve briefly touched on this topic once before in our 6 Myths About Menstrual Cups article:

Myth: A menstrual cup suctions out your IUD when you remove it…
Fact: Generally, there are few issues when using a menstrual cup with an IUD. When removing your menstrual cup you must first “break the seal” by gently squeezing the base or rim of the cup, so suction should not be an issue. Rarely, an IUD will dislodge when using a menstrual cup, but there are often other factors involved when this occurs. Please discuss all possibilities with your medical care provider to find out if a menstrual cup is right for you.

Let’s dig a bit deeper into this topic. There’s a few questions you should discuss with your doctor first if you’re concerned your menstrual cup could dislodge your IUD. These include:

  1. Where does your IUD sit? Find out how far it is and become familiar with the location.
  2. How high or low is your cervix? This could play a part in where your menstrual cup sits inside your body.
  3. Are you more prone to having your IUD dislodge? Some may be more likely than others to have their IUD dislodge, regardless of if they’re wearing a menstrual cup. You may want to discuss other factors with your doctor that may cause an IUD expulsion.
  4. Are you able to wear menstrual cups? Confirm with your doctor that it’s safe for you to wear menstrual cups.
  5. You may also want to discuss your flow with your doctor and learn more about how your IUD will impact how heavy or light your flow is.

Once you’ve gotten those questions out of the way, there’s a few things to keep in mind when using your menstrual cup. Practice these safe tips to reduce any risks:

  1. Always break the seal before removing your menstrual cup. Remember, your menstrual cup creates a seal to help the cup stay securely in place. Not breaking the seal and trying to remove your menstrual cup can be very uncomfortable. To break the seal, simply slide your finger along the rim of the cup and gently press down.
  2. Don’t remove your cup too quickly. Removing too fast not only puts you at risk of spilling everywhere, it may also increase your chance of not breaking the seal correctly. Once you’ve broken the seal, pull down (or wiggle your cup down) and make sure you have a good grip.
  3. Use the cup right for your body. Menstrual cups typically have two size options: one for under 30 and no vaginal birth, a second option for over 30 or have given vaginal birth. It’s important to note these are just recommendations. You may need to test a few options to find the right size and fit for you.
  4. Use backup while you’re getting the hang of it. Menstrual cups have a learning curve. It’s a good idea to wear a backup cloth pad liner while getting the hang of your menstrual cup to reduce the risk of accidents.

Are you still concerned about your IUD? Currently, it is believed there is not a greater risk of losing your IUD if you use menstrual cups. You can learn more about IUD and menstrual cups (or tampons) and expulsion risks in this study.

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We are not medical care professionals – your doctor is your best resource and should be consulted regarding anything health related, including your menstrual health and use of menstrual cups.

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