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Vegetarian Living with Meat Eaters? 5 Tips For Going Vegetarian

Are you a vegetarian living with meat eaters? Want to go vegetarian but have roommates? Or perhaps you’re under 18 and still going to school? Switching to a vegetarian lifestyle can be tricky when you’re living with others, especially if someone else buys the groceries. Here’s 6 tips to help you navigate the difficulties of living with others while becoming vegetarian:

Let Roommates Know.
First things first, let roommates know of your diet changes. Fortunately, a vegetarian diet is more widely accepted today, and your roommates (or parents) may surprise you – they may also be interested in making the switch to a more plant based diet.

Talk It Out.
There’s likely to be a ton of questions, be ready. The question I receive the MOST is “Where do you get your protein?” Be patient – have your resources ready. There’s a ton of resources available, including VegSource and PETA.

Still Living With Parents?
I’ve been there! When I was 13 I made the decision to become a vegetarian – my family is big fan of steak and potatoes, so this decision was greeted with concern and even flat out “No” at one point. Fortunately, every meal we ate involved side items that were vegetarian friendly. Over time (while being consistent) my parents became more open to the idea and we’re very accommodating of my choice. Don’t be afraid to discuss meal ideas with your parents.

Try New Recipes
If you tend to go grocery shopping with your roommates frequently, this is a great opportunity to discuss options when shopping and trying new recipes. There’s TONS of delicious recipes on the Vegetarian Times website.

Cook For Others
Still receiving concerns and questions from others? Try cooking for them! Once you’ve explored recipes on your own, take your favorite one with you to a potluck or surprise your family with a delicious dinner.

Eat More Than Just Salads
Eating salads is easy – almost anywhere you go has them readily available. If you’re at a restaurant, don’t be afraid to ask questions about what is in the food. You may be surprised by how many options are now available at restaurants for vegetarians.

Want even more tips? Head to this post!

Let us know: What tips do you have for someone interested in becoming vegetarian but living with others? Tell us in the comments below or join the discussion on Facebook!

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