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Frugal Friday! Money Saving Tips From A Minimalist

Frugal Friday! Money Saving Tips From A Minimalist

Woo hoo! It’s Friday – you know what that means? It’s time for another entry in our “Frugal Friday” series!! Today we’re switching it up and providing you with 4 money saving tips for minimizing our purchases!

Stop Window Shopping – This includes online browsing, which may be worse than window shopping. Window shopping doesn’t “satisfy” the craving to spend – in my case it only made it worse and I was more likely to spend on frivolous items.

Don’t Splurge – Really weigh the purchase and decide if you need it. Often times I will wait up to a month before purchasing a big ticket item, deciding whether or not I need it. I once went a year before spending the money on a new coffee table. Turns out I didn’t need it and now I have a coffee table that never gets used.

Experiences > Purchases – Many of our purchases are temporary in our homes then spending up to hundreds of years in landfills. One remedy? Spend your dollars on experiences over purchases. For example, which would you prefer: a cruise to your favorite location or the latest video game console? Before answering that question, weigh the pro’s and con’s – which ticket item will give you the best memory? Are you likely to remember the hundreds of video games you played or that one time you traveled to Italy?

Set A Budget With Wiggle Room – And stick to it. Putting some wiggle room in our budget makes us feel more free to enjoy social things or spend on a new outfit, without breaking the bank. It also forces us to really weigh our purchases before we buy them. If our wiggle room allows $200 for misc. purchases, we’re really going to consider each penny carefully.

Mini Challenge!
Try A Month Buying Only What You Need: Think you’re ready to save some serious dollars? Try going the next month buying only what you need.

P.S. I consider my menstrual cup a well worth it purchase! Talk about being a minimalist in the bathroom – one menstrual cup vs boxes of tampons and pads.

What tips do you have? Let us know in the comments below or join the discussion on Facebook!

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