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Period Cravings: Satisfy the Cravings with these Alternatives!

When our periods hit we’re often craving chocolaty, sweet, bad-for-you treats. Sometimes, we have cravings for salty, fried, or fatty foods as well. Before you reach for the overly processed, unhealthy junk food, read on for some suggestions on alternatives for your period cravings!

Opt for fruits if you’re having a sweet craving. Fruits such as bananas, grapes, apples, etc. all offer a good outlet for satisfying sweet cravings. There’s even Cotton Candy Grapes and Ice Cream Bananas to help you satisfy your sweet tooth! Fruit just not cutting it for you? Opt for dark chocolate, naturally sweetened if you really must reach for the candy bar.

Try healthy roasted nuts such as cashews, pistachios, almonds, and walnuts that are lightly salted to help satisfy a salty craving while giving your body some healthy fats.

Fried Foods?
Skip the grease and trying baking your dish instead. Baked French Fries are just as good as the deep fried version. You can lightly coat your fries in olive oil and toss in your favorite seasoning to give yourself a tasty, and less fattening treat.

Red Meat?
Check your iron levels with your doctor first if you find you’re craving red meat to an extreme. You may also want to try incorporating foods such as kale, broccoli, spinach, and chickpeas that are high in iron, or opt for healthier cuts of meat if you’re in need.

Are you craving the giant bowl of pasta with butter and cheese? Instead, try opting for healthier carbs such as whole wheat, quinoa, or even corn. Corn is often looked at as a horrible option, but if prepared in a healthy manner, and you opt for non-GMO, it can be quite delicious and filling. If you’re still craving the carbs, opt for foods that are unbleached and still in their natural, colorful, state.

One of our worst cravings is for the super fattening cheese. Instead, try nutritional yeast or nut “cheeses”, such as Cashew cheese. There are tons of alternatives out there for those trying to cut down on the fat but if you find giving up cheese is out of reach opt for lower fat cheeses, such as mozzarella.

What craving do you have when you’re on your period? Let us know in the comments below!

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We are not medical care professionals – your doctor is your best resource and should be consulted regarding anything health or diet related, including your menstrual health and use of menstrual cups.

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