How To Fold A Menstrual Cup: The ‘7’ Menstrual Cup Fold

Having difficulty getting your menstrual cup to open? Maybe the insertion process is too difficult? No problem! Let's talk about one of the easiest menstrual cup folds – the number '7' shape menstrual cup fold!

The '7' fold is one of the easiest folds available. Let's investigate the pro's and con's of this fold.


The pros of using the '7' fold include:

  • Good for beginners – if you're just starting out, this fold is one of the easiest ones to do.
  • Folds over for easy insertion – simply fold the cup over to form the number 7 shape.
  • Not complicated – unlike other folds that require you to manipulate the cup into a tricky shape, the '7' fold is very straightforward.
  • Narrow entry point once folded into a number 7 shape.
  • Good starting point to manipulate the cup into other shapes, including the double 7 fold and origami fold.


  • Wider midpoint – some women may find the middle of the cup larger and not as compact as the entry point.
  • Possible sealing issues – some women report this fold may not fully open up and could cause leaking issues.

Ready to learn how to do the '7' fold? Take a look at the video below for a quick tutorial!

Which is your favorite fold? Do you know a fold we didn't list above or mention in the video? Let us know! Join the discussion in the comments below, or find us on Facebook!

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