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How to Fold a Menstrual Cup: The “S” Menstrual Cup Fold


Having difficulty getting your menstrual cup to open? Maybe the insertion process is too difficult? No problem! Today we have a new fold for you: The “S” menstrual cup fold!

The “S” fold is not as common of a fold as the “Punch Down” or “7” fold as it can be a bit tricky. Let’s investigate the pro’s and con’s of this fold.


The pros of using the “S” fold include:

  • Pops open easily – Due to the unique shape of the fold, this fold definitely pops open easily. Once inserted, simply remove your fingers and the fold instantly pops open.
  • Comfortable when folded correctly – Once this fold is properly in place, many women report it sits comfortably inside the body and does not require much adjusting.
  • Easy to fold – Simply push the cup in two directions and the cup forms the unique “S” shape.
  • Can be used by beginners – It is a slightly more advanced fold, but beginners may appreciate the ease of this fold.
  • Fun to do – You may have fun just folding and manipulating the shape of your cup into the “S” shape.


  • Wider midpoint – Some women may find the middle of the cup larger and not as comfortable as the entry point.
  • Can be tricky to fold – While this fold is easy, this fold also pops back open easily if you do not have a good grip on the cup. If attempting for the first time, go slowly and make sure you have a good hold on the rim of the cup.
  • May not pop open all the way – As this fold pinches the cup together, there is a chance the cup may not properly open fully once inserted. If the cup does not seal, simply wiggle the cup around until it pops open and seals.

Ready to learn how to do the “S” fold? Take a look at the video below for a quick tutorial!

Which is your favorite fold? Do you know a fold we didn’t list above or mention in the video? Let us know! Join the discussion in the comments below, or find us on Facebook!

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Aly Sanger


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