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Q&A Session: The History & Heritage Behind SckoonCup

What we are offering is not a merely a menstrual cup, but we would like to see it as a powerful tool that every person can utilize to live their best possible lives.

Satoko Asai

Sckoon & SckoonCup each share a similar idea – to offer ecofriendly and affordable options to those in need. Today we’ve reached out to Satoko Asai, co-owner of Sckoon Organics, to discuss the history and heritage behind SckoonCup and how the company plans to continue to grow in the future.

“We are a husband and wife team, who started the Sckoon organic baby clothes brand,” explained Asai. “As an organic cotton brand, we have always made organic cotton cloth pads, however, we knew that there could be some limitations of cloth pads: they are not best for swimming, camping and overnight uses.”

With that in mind, Sckoon Organics decided to develop a comfortable and safe menstrual cup that fit their unique vision, SckoonCup. Sckoon has since grown into a company that offers menstrual products as well as baby products, made using only high quality safe materials. Sckoon currently has distribution in over 38 countries and 2300 stores, and expanding every day! Sckoon’s mission statement explains, “But becoming the largest organic company is not our only goal. We want to be the best. You can be sure that as we develop, we’re keeping our core values in check.”

As we seek new and innovative ways, and create new products, customer health and well-being is always at the heart of everything we do at Sckoon. Because our roots are as an organic company, it was a natural choice to select the safest material for our menstrual cup, too.

SckoonCup is made in a contracted factory in New York, USA. It took three years for Sckoon to develop SckoonCup from the initial prototype to the final design that you currently see. During this time, Sckoon worked with hundreds of women to solve the pain points and issue they had with existing menstrual cups. Our ISO certified factory has state of the art facilities: we closely work with engineers for the monitoring process, the batching, inspections and the packaging. Also we are very careful about record keeping and tracking to meet the device quality requirements and approved specifications for FDA inspections.

Asai went on to discuss the FDA registration process that SckoonCup goes through every year to maintain it’s status, “As a part of FDA registering medical devices, every SckoonCup needs to meet the FDA’s production and process control. To meet the requirements of the Medical Device Reporting (MDR) Regulation, identification, traceability, timely reporting, documentation and filing are crucial, and our operations team is aware of this procedure. Our marketing team focuses on informing the product’s safety and how to use SckoonCup to broad users.”

Want your own SckoonCup? Shop now at! Your period should be a breeze, and with SckoonCup, an internally worn menstrual cup, it will be. Discover a clean, effective alternative to tampons or disposable pads. Made from FDA approved soft medical-grade silicon, it’s safe, reusable, environmentally friendly, and pretty, too!

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We are not medical care professionals – your doctor is your best resource and should be consulted regarding anything health related, including your menstrual health and use of menstrual cups.

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