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How To Insert & Remove A Menstrual Cup

Are you having trouble with your menstrual cup? Read on to learn how to insert and remove a menstrual cup, and tune in to the video below for a quick demo!

First, before you become discouraged or frustrated, keep in mind there is a learning curve when using a menstrual cup as a new user. Many have to ease into the process of using a menstrual cup, especially if they’ve never used an internal menstrual device before (such as tampons). Others get the hang of using menstrual cups on the first try.

If at first you’re unable to insert your cup, take a few minutes to relax (everything) and try again. We also recommend trying in the shower or bath, and skip the dry run test.

Once you’ve relaxed fully, it’s time to pick the menstrual cup fold you’d like to use. Two suggestions are the C-Fold and the Punch Down Fold – these both provide a smaller insertion point on the menstrual cup making it easier to insert.

To insert your menstrual cup, fold your cup and insert the opening of the cup into the vagina. Make sure the insertion point of the cup is secure and comfortable. Your menstrual cup should insert easily and be snug inside the vagina. Once inside, allow your menstrual cup to gently pop open. You may feel the cup “seal” almost immediately, but if not, simply wiggle the cup around slightly until it fully seals.

To remove your menstrual cup, insert your finger and lightly press the rim of the cup inward to break the seal. Alternatively, you can gently squeeze the base of the cup to help release the suction. Slowly remove the cup from the vagina, careful not to tilt the cup (unless you’re removing in the shower). Empty your cup, clean, and repeat!

It’s as easy as that! Still need help? Take a look at our demo below for a full description!

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