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Minimalist Holiday Gift Ideas


Looking for some last minute gift ideas? Why not take a note from minimalists on holiday gift giving! There's still time for these great gift ideas:

Opt for experiences
One of the best gift ideas is an experience - a trip, a meal, a memory. Instead of purchasing physical gifts, offer something more. 

Cook a meal
A home cooked meal makes a phenomenal gift for someone who doesn't enjoy cooking. Stock up their fridge will all the goodies they love.

Offer your services
A coupon book for cleaning services, meal prep, a ride to the airport, etc. can be a fun and easy gift idea - one that doesn't require spending too much!

Something useful or needed
Is there something they've been saying they absolutely NEED? Something useful that you know they'll get a ton of use out of is a great idea. Just make sure to check in first to make sure a practical gift will be accepted.

Ecofriendly gift ideas
Our FAVORITE gift ideas are items that are ecofriendly, such as SckoonCup and Cloth Diapers! These items replace tons of waste each year and are incredibly useful!

Multi-use items
An item that serves multiple purposes is also a great gift for someone looking to simplify or downsize. 

Gift cards
Gift cards get a bad rep around the holidays. Instead of purchasing a gift card to anywhere, purchase one for a place you know they frequent. 

Skip the knick-knacks
It may be tempting to spend the extra bucks on knick-knacks and miscellaneous items, but skip them this year for something more worthwhile. 

What fun, minimalist gift ideas do you have? Let us know in the comments below!

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Aly Sanger


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