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What Is The Capacity Of A Menstrual Cup? How Much Can A Menstrual Cup Hold?

Often one of the biggest questions we receive is "how much can a menstrual cup hold?" The short answer? Way more than a tampon! 

Whether you have a heavy flow or a light flow, it can be hard to judge just how much a menstrual cup can hold and how frequently you need to empty it. Since menstrual cups collect the flow rather than absorb it, a menstrual cup offers a higher capacity than a tampon while providing up to 8+ hours of coverage. With tampons, you may be changing (and tossing) your tampon every couple of hours. On light days, you may be surprised at just how long you can go with your menstrual cup, although you should empty your cup at least every 12 hours (maximum).

As we discussed in a previous video here, SckoonCup is available in two sizes:

  • SckoonCup size 1 is 1.6 inches in diameter, 1.6 inches in cup length, and the stem is 1.2 inches for a total length of 2.8 inches. SckoonCup size 1 can hold 23ml of fluid.
  • SckoonCup size 2 is 1.8 inches in diameter, 2.0 inches in cup length, and the stem is 0.8 inches for a total length of 2.8 inches. SckoonCup size 2 can hold 30ml of fluid.

All that information is wonderful, but can be hard to picture. If you're looking for a visual of just how much the SckoonCup Size 1 and Size 2 can hold, take a look at the video below!

Other guidelines to keep in mind when selecting your size:

Most people who order SckoonCup menstrual cup size 1 will fit some to most of these guidelines:

  • Have not had a vaginal birth
  • Usually under 30ish (if not had vaginal birth)
  • First time users
  • Young people and teenagers who have not had a vaginal birth
  • People who are virgins
  • People who are fit, do yoga, Pilates, and may have strong pelvic muscles
  • If you have bladder sensitivities and need a smaller cup
  • Fits people who have both a "lower" or "high" cervix location
  • Have a medium/heavy to light flow
  • Are worried because you have a "hanging" cervix

Most people who order SckoonCup menstrual cup size 2 will fit some or most of these guidelines:

  • Had a vaginal birth
  • Over 30ish (even if you have not had a vaginal birth)
  • Plus sized individuals may benefit from a size 2
  • People who have a very heavy flow may like the size 2
  • People who need a larger cup but not a "longer" cup because of a lower sitting cervix

Do you prefer the Size 1 SckoonCup or the Size 2 SckoonCup? Let us know! Join the discussion in the comments below, or find us on Facebook!

Don’t forget to visit us online at! Your period should be a breeze, and with SckoonCup, an internally worn menstrual cup, it will be. Discover a clean, effective alternative to tampons or disposable pads. Made from FDA approved soft medical-grade silicon, it’s safe, reusable, environmentally friendly, and pretty, too!

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