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Organic SckoonPads: How To Care For Cloth Menstrual Pads



Considering cloth pads and want to learn more? You have questions, and we have answers! Take a look below to learn how to care for your pads as well as read answers to other frequently asked questions. 

How do I clean the insert?

Sckoon pads are unlike other pads and use an insert, making it easy to clean and change! To maximize its absorbency, wash your Sckoon Pad before first use to wash off its natural oil. To replace and clean your soiled insert, simply remove it from the base of the pad and hand wash or use a cloth mesh bag to toss in the laundry. When possible, use cold water as hot water may cause staining. You can then air dry or use a dryer with low temperature. Take a look at our video below for more information and a quick demo!

How long can I wear my cloth pad?

Sckoon pad inserts and bases should be changed based on your flow and at your own discretion. A heavier flow will require more frequent changing. Fortunately, the base of the pad can be worn for longer periods of time, as long as it remains clean. Simply snap off the insert and replace with a clean one, and you're good to go!

How many  pads do I need?

Of course it s going vary from woman to woman, but a good number to start with is 2 Mini pads, 4 Day pads, and 2 Maxi pads. If your flow is lighter, you may only need one Maxi pad. Additional Day and Maxi pads, or extra liners, are a good idea for heavier flows.

Can I reuse the base?

Absolutely! Sckoon pads are made in a way that you only need to change the insert of the pad (as long as the base remains clean). If you have a heavy day or leak on the base, it is best to change it and wash.  

Can I feel the snap?

Not at all! Sckoon pads are made using plush, organic materials that help to mask the feeling of the snap. 

Are there other questions you have? Let us know in the comments below!

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We are not medical care professionals – your doctor is your best resource and should be consulted regarding anything health related, including your menstrual health and use of menstrual cups.

Aly Sanger


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