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How To: Cleaning Your Menstrual Cup [Video]

New to menstrual cups and not sure how to go about cleaning them? A cup full of blood can be difficult to address when it's time to clean it. Here's a quick guide to help get you started - make sure you also check out our video at the end to see how it's done!

Cleaning Your Menstrual Cups

Before first use and in between every cycle, you want to make sure you give your cup a thorough cleaning. The easiest way to do so is by boiling it!

The recommended time for boiling is between 5-10 minutes (or 5-7 minutes). Make sure the water has come to a complete boil before inserting your menstrual cups.

Use Caution! Water, steam, and surface will be hot! The surface of your stove will be hot as well as the pot. Keep menstrual cups clear from the burner to avoid any damage to the silicone. Also, keep hands away from the burner as well as the pan/pot.  

 Tip! Use a tool to insert your menstrual cup to help keep fingers away from the hot water and steam. 

Allow your cup to boil for the full recommended time, and keep an eye on it. Do not let your cup touch the bottom or sides of the pot.

Once your cup has been fully sanitized, carefully remove. Allow your cup to completely cool before touching it as it will be hot. Once fully dry, place your cup back into it's pouch to keep it away from debris.

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We are not medical care professionals – your doctor is your best resource and should be consulted regarding anything health related, including your menstrual health and use of menstrual cups.

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