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Menstrual Cups - What is it like to wear one?


Have you been considering trying a menstrual cup but just not sure how it would feel? That’s perfectly understandable. Most of us are a bit hesitant when it comes to trying something new.

Menstrual cups are the preferred method for that time of the month for many of us and the reasons vary from being environmentally friendly to the security of knowing you won’t have an accident. But what does it FEEL like? Great question!

SckoonCup is made using medical grade silicone, and feels soft yet pliable. Unlike a tampon that absorbs blood and other fluids, a menstrual cup holds the menstrual flow until you are ready to empty. (No more pulling out a dry tampon that has absorbed your natural lubrication - ouch!)

You may be thinking that a menstrual cup appears to be larger than a tampon but once it is in place, it is usually undetectable and molds to your body (plus, a menstrual cup is similar in size to a full tampon). There are grooves to hold while inserting and a little tail (the stem) helps guide your fingers to the base of the cup for easy removal. Simply press the cup together while inserting and “let go” when you have placed it inside your vagina where it needs to be - the cup will form a "seal" to capture the menstrual flow.

You may be used to changing your tampon or maxi pad every three to four hours – more often on heavier flow days. When you use a menstrual cup, you may notice that you do not need to empty it as often, and you may find you can wear it comfortably all day!

You can swim, shower, and bathe while wearing a menstrual cup. Even better? There are no embarrassing odors when wearing a menstrual cup leaving you feeling clean and secure at all times!

So go ahead – give a menstrual cup a try. Like most folks that have tried it, you may find that you too prefer it over tampons and maxi pads.


Aly Sanger


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