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Summer Time Fun In The Sun - Summer Green Living Ideas

The summer months are almost here - it's time to break out the sunscreen. But wait - is your sunscreen the best option for your skin? Are your sunglasses making things worse for the environment? Is that red solo cup the best cup to be drinking from? 

Yep - summer is here, but it's also the time of year where we become a little less eco-friendly. Plastic water bottles, soda cans, quick and convenient eats when you're on the road - all of these and more just further contribute to the increasing trash problem.

How can we enjoy summer while making eco-friendly and green choices? We have a few helpful tips!

Tip One: Take a closer look at your sunscreen before you slather it on. Many sunscreens are made using harsh chemicals. These chemicals may wash off your skin and in to the water when you're swimming, or they may damage your skin or worse. Make sure you do thorough research before grabbing the cheapest and most convenient bottle.

Tip Two: Cheap and cute sunglasses - are you really paying close attention to what you're putting on your face? That $5 pair of sunglasses may wind up in the trash faster than anything else you use this summer. Often times these inexpensive sunglasses are made using materials that simply won't last the test of time and wind up further cluttering the landfills - and being made of plastic, they may take 100+ years to decompose

Tip Three: Opt for more eco-friendly beverage containers. We've mentioned above that plastic can take a long long time to decompose - plastic bottles and red solo cups are not immune. Instead of opting for a single use item, opt for something you can reuse the whole summer - mason jars and metal beverage containers are great options.

Tip Four: Don't forget your SckoonCup. Of course we couldn't leave our #1 favorite item off this list - ditch the disposables this summer and bring your SckoonCup! With 8+ hours (maximum 12 hours) of wear time, you'll be able to really enjoy the beach without worry.

Let us know in the comments below - what tip do you have for a greener summer? 

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