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What to pack for last-minute vacations this summer

Hello! I am a new-intern at Sckoon, Shizuha. Today I will be sharing my 5 must-have items for any trip!

1: Flip Flops

Make sure to pack a pair of flip flops EVERYWHERE you go. They can be used as room slippers, flight slippers, casual sandals, beach sandals, shower sandals and more. I would recommend that you to buy a pair of expendable but cute flip flops to be suitable for any occasion!

2: Laundry Nets for Post-Vacation Indulgence

Bring various sizes of laundry nets and use them instead of packing cubes. Once you go home, all you need to do is to throw them into a washing machine!

3: Easter eggs for beauty sponge

If you love your makeup sponge but always are annoyed your make-up bag gets wet when carrying it, I know your struggle. Wrap your sponge in some tissues to soak up moisture, and use a leftover Easter egg cup as a cute and effective case. You will never need to worry about wetting and ruining your favorite make-up brush. 

4: Water Bottle and Dried Fruits

If you love fruit infused water like me, or simply want to spice up your daily hydration, make sure to bring your own water bottle and dried fruits! It's sometimes difficult to get fresh fruits and store them on a trip, so dried fruits are the way to go! Put some dried fruits of your choice into your water bottle, and rest it overnight. Add in ice cubes the next morning and your infused water is ready to go!

5: Sckoon Cup!

Bring your own Sckoon Cups in case of an emergency! Pads and tampons take up a lot of space in your luggage, especially when you are on a mission to pack lightly, but just can't leave behind your favorite top. Whether or not you know your period is coming, squeeze the silicon cup into your suitcase — it literally takes up no space, yet you are guaranteed to be worry free whether you’re chilling on the beach or hiking in the mountains! Check out Sckoon Cups here:

I am now asking for suggestions on blog topics from you guys! Please comment down below if you have something to share with the community.

I hope you enjoy the rest of summer :)

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