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Certified Organic Cotton

Sckoon products are certified as organic;*

  • 100% Certified Organic Cotton - Sckoon products are certified organic as final products by GOTS, which means that not only the fabric, but also dyes, sewing threads and a way of storing material and products meet the hiest standard of the certification boards.
  • 100% Fair Trade - Sckoon products are made in Egypt, India and Japan at our fair trade factories. We have the SA8000 certificate for the Social accountability Management System to ensure fair trade, occupational safety and work environment.
  • No Chemicals - Sckoon products are made of certified organic cotton; picked by hand and spun without the use of any chemicals. It is safe and irritant-free for your baby's most sensitive and tender skin. Our cotton is super-soft and with more washes,the softer it becomes; your baby will love the comfort. Safe and Natural Dyes - Sckoon products are either un-dyed and unbleached, or dyed with low-impact, environmentally friendly dyes.
  • Easy Care - Just throw it in your washing machine! 100% Organic Cotton requires no special care, except avoiding high temperatures when washed & dried.

Sckoon products are made in Egypt, India and Japan. All our products are made of certified organic cotton and made in fair trade factories. Due to increasing certification fees, Sckoon products will be no longer certified by Demeter. Sckoon's all products except made-in-Japan diaper covers are certified by GOTS as organic products, and we don't see the need for double certifications: in this way, we can keep our pricing competitive and still can provide safe, eco friendly, and organic baby clothes and cloth menstrual pads to our communities.

Why Organic?

-Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) cotton now accounts for 75% of the conventional crop grown in the U.S. -Conventionally grown cotton ranks #3 in crops with the heaviest pesticide use in the world. -5 of the top 9 pesticides used on cotton are cancer-causing chemicals.

Why Biodynamic?

Biodynamic farming is a type of organic agriculture. Both methods seek to sustain ecosystems, but biodynamic farmers adhere to unique philosophical principles, as well as to guidelines more stringent than those required by the USDA for organic certification. In the 1940s, influenced by a movement already under way in Europe, publisher J. I. Rodale popularized and named organic" agriculture in the United States. Today, it places primary importance on soil health, eschewing synthetic chemicals, which pollute the environment and deplete nutrients and microorganisms in the soil. It is characterized by the use of natural soil amendments, manual/ mechanical weed control, nontoxic pest management, and sustainable animal husbandry. Biodynamic agriculture meets organic standards but predates the organic movement by about 20 years.

What is SA 8000 Certificate?

SA 8000 is a comprehensive, global, verifiable standard for auditing and certifying compliance with corporate responsibility. It proves that our Social Accountability System has been measured against a best practice standard and found compliant.