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How to Insert and Remove


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SckoonCup Beginners Ultimate Starter Guide 







First, wash your hands and SkoonCup with Oil-free Fragrance-free Soap

1-Hold your SckoonCup and ensure that the stem is pointing down. "See diagram below"

2-Fold your cup so that it is coming in on itself.

3-Squeeze your cup so that it is flat, then fold it in half and make a “U shape” with the rim.

4- While squatting, Insert your SckoonCup in your vaginal canal aim it so that it is angled towards the tailbone. Make sure that the cup is not going past the cervix or sitting right next to it.

5-To open and seal your cup, grip the BASE of the cup, not the STEM, and gently twist the base sideways. You can also insert your finger and guide it along the rim of the cup to help open.

Some women find that the stems on their period cups are too long, feel free to trim this portion of the stem.

For Beginners Do not push the cup upwards like a tampon as it can cause leakage, it may take a little bit of learning curve, but Sckooncup will be a very comfortable and healthier alternative to tampons.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.






When Removing Sckoon menstrual cup,

1-Start by washing your hands.

2- Pinch the flower ridged base of Sckooncup with your index finger and thumb.

3-Squeeze the base of the Sckooncup until you begin to feel a release of suction. 

4- Rock Sckooncup sideways while pulling down by the base of the cup.

Be sure NOT TO PULL SCKOONCUP BY THE STEM, this will cause the contents to spill. THE MAIN FUNCTION OF THE STEM IS TO GUIDE YOUR FINGERS TO THE BASE OF THE CUP so you can pull the cup out by the Flower Shaped ridged base of SckoonCup.

SckoonCup unique original design NO POKING STEM is soft and flexible that bends with your body. 

 Once removed, dispose of the contents in the toilet and you have successfully used one of the most convenient tampon alternatives!