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Pink "HOPE" Project for Breast Cancer Awareness




Press Release


October 2015 

Sckoon, Inc. Announces New Pink Menstrual Cup in Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness


Sckoon, Inc. has announced their new pink menstrual cup color, “Hope”, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. A portion of all sales will be donated to help fund breast cancer awareness.


Miami, FL – Published October 13, 2015 (Updated January 3, 2016)- Online leading wholesaler/retailer of organic baby products and organic feminine hygiene products, Sckoon Inc., has announced they will be launching a new pink menstrual cup color, named “Hope,” in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness. Sckoon, Inc. will be donating 10% of every "Hope" menstrual cup sold for a limited time to Living Beyond Breast Cancer (, an online organization who provides programs and services to assist those who have been impacted by breast cancer.


Menstrual cups are a healthy, eco-friendly alternative to tampons, and assist those menstruating in having a safer cycle without harmful chemicals; free of synthetic fibers, bleach, and dioxin. Sckoon, Inc. spent 3 years in research and development designing SckoonCup with the hope to motivate each person to live their life with passion and feel confident within their own skin, while providing the most comfortable and effective cup available on the market. Made from high quality medical-grade silicone, SckoonCup is soft, easy to fold for a smooth insertion, and has enough spring to pop open effortlessly once comfortably inserted.


According to SckoonCup’s mission statement, “SckoonCup is not only a product, but a community of people supporting each other to love life, live full of love, and inspire others to do the same.”


When asked why Sckoon, Inc. selected Breast Cancer Awareness as their choice for charity, the answer hit close to home as Sckoon, Inc. co-founder Satoko Asai explained, “It started with a personal blog about a woman who was just diagnosed with breast cancer. Her blog documents the reaction of those around her and the stigma surrounding lifestyle choices with a fatal diagnosis. I read her blog and personally felt moved. Then my mother was diagnosed breast cancer.”


“Statistics show that about 1 in 8 U.S. women will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime,” continued Asai. “That’s a high risk. Everyone should be aware of the impact of this cancer to our body, mind, and spirit.”


Sckoon, Inc. aims to support feminine hygiene health and wellness, and is eager to continue assisting people everywhere by taking action and partnering with an organization such as LBBC. “Living Beyond Breast Cancer has been a great ally for those who have been impacted by breast cancer,” said Asai. “They are a wonderful organization that often works with and supports small businesses like us. We’re grateful for this opportunity to support their cause and look forward to working with the team at LBBC.”


All are welcomed to join in the “Hope” SckoonCup campaign and help support Living Beyond Breast Cancer. Those interested in purchasing the “Hope” SckoonCup can do so by visiting starting October 24, 2015. “Hope” pink menstrual cups will begin shipping starting November 1st, 2015.


In addition to the new “Hope” pink color, SckoonCup offers 6 additional colors: “Harmony” (Aqua), “Wellness” (Red), “Clarity” (Clear), “Balance” (Lilac), “Meditation” (Blue), and “Sunrise” (Yellow). Learn more about SckoonCup’s colors by searching visual messages with a tagline of “SckoonCup Loves Colors” messages through Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.





Satoko Asai ( or Aly Sanger (


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Sckoon, Inc. began selling 100% certified Egyptian organic cotton baby clothes to retailers in New York in 2003.  They soon exceeded $3 million in sales and were profiled in Entrepreneur Magazine as one of “the Hottest 7 Businesses in America” ( Sckoon Organics later introduced SckoonPads, certified organic cloth menstrual pads. In 2013, to further meet the needs of health-conscious consumers, Sckoon, Inc. cleared FDA approval and launched SckoonCup. Sckoon, Inc. has been an Organic Trade Association member for 12 years, so they have a rich history of providing top quality products backed by trusted organizations.                                                                                   


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