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  • Is SckoonCup safe?

SckoonCup is made of medical-grade silicone which is FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved for medical use. The material is the same kind which is used in heart valve devices and artificial joints. The silicone is not the same type used in breast implants. The medical grade silicone is made in an established pharmaceutical company in the USA; it is hypoallergenic, toxic-free, durable and in no way harmful to human tissue.

  • Can I use SckoonCup if I have an IUD (intrauterine device)?

Because SckoonCup sits low down in your vagina, the cup itself won't interfere with your IUD. The risk, however, exists if you accidentally dislodge or expel your IUD while removing SckoonCup, therefore, we recommend you take extra care removing the cup by making sure to first break the cup's suction seal before attempting to pull it out (see Removal & Reuse instructions for more information). The chance of this occurring when using menstrual cup is similar to the likelihood of dislodging your IUD when using tampons. We would recommend; When an IUD has first been inserted, you should wait six weeks before using a SckoonCup. Remember to place the SckoonCup low in the vagina and ensure you have an adequate seal After each period, check to make sure you can still feel the IUD strings. If you cannot feel them, you should contact your doctor

  • Can SckoonCup be worn during sexual intercourse?

No. SckoonCup is positioned low in the vagina and would interfere with intercourse. Please also note that SckoonCup is NOT a contraceptive device and does NOT offer any protection against sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

  • Can I use SckoonCup if I have long fingernails?

It’s not a problem to use SckoonCup. Bear mind that fingernail beds can often have lots of bacteria, so it’s important to wash your hands and nail beds thoroughly before inserting or removing SckoonCup.

  • Do menstrual cups like SckoonCup cause TSS?

Unlike tampons, a medical grade silicone menstrual cup such as SckoonCup won’t cause TSS. It is scientifically proven that menstrual cups don’t change the composition of blood during the time the cup is kept inside the vagina. There are no reported cases of TSS in connection with use of menstrual cups since the cups were invented in the 1930's.

  • Does SckoonCup contain phthalates, bisphenol A or heavy metals?

No. SckoonCup is manufactured from highest quality medical grade silicone and it does not contain any phthalates, bisphenol A or heavy metals.

  • I lost my User Guide. Can I get a copy?

Yes, please see below.

SckoonCup User Guide

Thank you for purchasing SckoonCup. For best results, please use this guide to familiarize yourself with your new product. Retain these instructions for future reference.

SckoonCup is a receptacle placed in the vagina to collect blood and cellular debris that is extruded from the uterus via cervix during menstruation. With SckoonCup, we don’t want you to worry about keeping your new menstrual cup sanitary so we made easy clean-up part of the design. SckoonCup has suction holes which are fabricated as part of its molding process, leaving the product with a smoothly curved, easy to clean, opening. SckoonCup is; made of medical grade silicone in the USA not made of natural rubber latex economical and ecologically friendly - with proper care one cup will last approximately 2 years. an alternative to disposable pads and tampons. convenient - it needs to empty only 2-3 times per day. squishy with a super-soft stem that bends as your body moves

SckoonCup is available in 2 sizes;

Size 1: Small, for women who haven’t previously given birth vaginally. Capacity 23ml, Diameter 40mm by 40mm, Stem 30mm.

Size 2: Large, for women who have given birth vaginally. Capacity 30ml, Diameter 45mm by 50mm, Stem 20mm.

Prior to using your SckoonCup First, check that the air holes at the top of the cup are completely open. You’ll need to clean your cup before you use it for the first time. Place it in a large pan of water, and boil for 10 minutes. Make sure there is enough water in the pan so the cup is not damaged by sitting directly on the bottom. Do not leave the boiling pot unattended.

How to Use SckoonCup:

Start by washing your hands and SckoonCup with warm water and a mild, unscented soap to remove lint and dust. Rinse well.

Next, hold the cup with the stem pointing down and fold your SckoonCup in on itself as shown in the illustration. Squeeze the cup flat, then fold in half so that the rim makes a “U” shape. Position yourself comfortably, either sitting on the toilet, or squatting.

Gently separate your labia with your free hand. Hold the cup firmly in its folded position with your dominant hand and insert your SckoonCup into vagina aiming it toward your tailbone (located at the base of your spine).

Continue inserting until the stem is even with the vaginal opening. Menstrual cups are designed to sit lower in the vagina than a tampon, but beyond the pelvic bone.

Once the cup is in place, rotate it so it opens. Grip the base of the cup and turn. It must rotate to ensure that it is fully open. You may trim the stem to make it shorter, if needed, but do not remove entirely, and be careful not to damage the cup.

How to Remove SckoonCup:

Before removing, wash your hands. Using your thumb and index finger, grip the stem and gently pull horizontally until you can firmly pinch the base of the cup.

Break the seal by squeezing the bottom of the cup until you hear or feel the suction release. To avoid spilling the contents, remove at an angle and avoid pulling directly on the stem.

Empty the contents into the toilet. If you experience difficulty removing the cup, there are number of things that can help.

First relax, especially your vaginal muscles. Squatting down and/or gently bearing down may also help bring the cup further down in the vagina and make it easier to remove.

If you are still unable to remove the cup. or if you experience pain, consult with Physician.

Caring for your SckoonCup Whether you’re reusing it right away, or storing it for your next period, here are a few tips to keep your SckoonCup in optimum condition.

Rinse thoroughly in cold water to avoid staining and odor. Then wash in warm, soapy water and rinse thoroughly. After each wash, make sure your cup is completely clean by putting it in front of a natural source of light.

Air-dry, and store in the accompanying pouch.

Important Information Carefully follow the instructions for best results. Visit for more information. For other questions, contact our customer service by phone (1-212-228-6903) or email (

Your satisfaction is important to us at Sckoon Inc. However, menstrual cups are a personal hygiene product and may not be returned or exchanged.

Remove and wash your menstrual cup at least once every twelve hours, regardless of your flow. We recommend that it is emptied and thoroughly cleaned at least 2-3 times daily.

Wash SckoonCup always with clean water.

For best results, keep the suction holes clear and clean by gently stretching each hole under warm running water.

This will remove build-up, allowing the cup to seal properly. To avoid damaging the silicone, or causing vaginal irritation, use only a mild, unscented soap for cleaning.

If you are unable to wash SckoonCup after removal (for instance, when using a public restroom), wash your hands thoroughly, remove the cup, empty the contents in the toilet and wipe it with a dry or damp tissue.

At your convenience, clean as instructed. Boil SckoonCup once a month, either right before you use your cup, or at the end of your period, before you store your cup away (see “Prior to use” for how to boil) Never store your menstrual cup in a plastic bag, or a sealed air-tight container. This will cause mold.

The safest thing to store you menstrual cup in, is a clean cloth sack.

Remove your SckoonCup prior to intercourse.

SckoonCup is not a contraceptive and will not protect you against sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy.

Only wear SckoonCup during your menstrual cycle.

SckoonCup lasts approximately 2-5 years with proper cares.

Replace SckoonCup when any signs of damage are observed. Never flush a SckoonCup down the toilet.

Dispose of it in the garbage can.

SckoonCup is an intravagina device: while these guidelines are meant to answer your questions, each woman is different and you should discuss benefits and risks with your physician.

If you experience symptoms such as general pain, burning, irritation, inflammation in the vagina area, or discomfort during urination, discontinue use and seek immediate medical attention.

Use pursuant to directions and during menstruation only.

Keep SckoonCup out of the reach of children and animals. If you use an Intrauterine Device (IUD), discuss using a menstrual cup with your physician. Don’t use SckoonCup if you ever had Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS*) *Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) is considered a serious and sometimes fatal disease caused by toxin-producing strains of the Staphylococcus aureus bacterium. TSS has been linked to high absorbency and prolonged use of tampons. Symptoms of TSS often mimic flu and can include sudden high fever, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, fainting, or a rash rather like sunburn during your period or some days after.

If you experience these symptoms while using a menstrual cup, remove it and contact your physician.

Note: This user guide is informational in nature and is not offered as medical advice or in place of your doctor’s guidance. If you have any gynecological or medical concerns/conditions, please consult your physician prior to using SckoonCup. Manufacturer: Sckoon Inc. 2350 NW 7th Place Miami FL33127, USA (212)228-6903