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SckoonCup vs. Others

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SckoonCup vs. Others

  • Another cup manufacturer says that their silicone cup needs to be replaced once a year. Is this also true for SckoonCup?

Unlike some menstrual cups which suggest you replace them after one year, SckoonCup is made of best possible quality medical grade silicone, and will last several years. There is no need to replace it every year. The FDA recommends replacing the cup every two years. If there is any change in the material of your SckoonCup (for example if it splits or becomes sticky), or there is any change in the shape of your SckoonCup, then it will need replacing. However, some women choose to replace their cup more often due to aesthetic reasons, since it is natural to have some staining over time (that’s another reason we use FDA approved colored silicone). Staining does not affect the hygiene or effectiveness of SckoonCup, though. You can prevent discoloring to some extent by always rinsing the cup with cold water before cleaning, and by using a mild, unscented soap.

  • Why does SckoonCup not have measuring marks?

Menstrual blood is measured for health reasons. Gynecologists, physicians, naturopaths and acupuncturists will ask about flow and change of menstrual flow to determine health and hormonal factors, fertility concerns, etc. A good site to refer to is Disposable tampons and pads and even washable pads are not a reliable or scientific method of determining flow, because they come in many absorbencies, contain surfactants and moisture control agents. Considering that, SckoonCup is more focused on easiness to clean. Without measurement marks, you can keep your SckoonCup always thoroghly clean.

  • Is the design of SckoonCup patented?

Yes, SckoonCup is patent pending in US, Europe, Asia, Australia and other major countries.