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I love Sckoon organic cotton cloth menstrual pads. The organic cotton is so soft. I love the way that the liners sit on top, next to my skin, and those can be changed out when soiled and you don't have to change the entire pad. It allows you to be a little more discreet on your trip to change them - less bulk to carry around. Beautiful patterns.

- Mary, Austin TX


I have a drawer full of Sckoon pads (Organic Day, Night/Postpartum, Mini, GIZA Day, Night/Postpartum, All-in-One and 4 "old-kind" of Day Pad with interlocking around the edges) and I love every single one of them! They are very absorbent, soft and versatile and have beautiful patterns (usually organic cotton comes without any print). I own several pads from other brands but Sckoon is my favorite becasue it's the softest of all and I never had a leak with it because it's so absorbent (fluids don't have a chance to escape, it gets absorbed right away!) The other thing I really like about these pads is that you can fold the liners several times so you get a clean, fresh surface next to your body every time you visit the restroom! Absolutely recommend them! :)"

- Ivett, Cape Rejeune, NC


After hearing about the many health benefits of switching to cloth menstrual pads, I ordered samples from several companies, including Sckoon. My criteria were 1/ comfort 2/ quality and 3/ cuteness.


1/ Comfort: Sckoon were by far the most comfortable. Not knowing what to expect, I soon found out that having a removable pad was a critical part of the design. Moreover, the softness of the cotton was a huge deal. The Sckoons felt like I was wearing nothing -- no sticky dryness like paper pads -- even when the pad was used. I was really surprised to see how comfortable they were after a few hours even. I could hardly feel them against my skin. And the absorbed a lot, a lot more than I expected and really, a lot more than I thought possible.


2/ Quality: Sckoon were by far the most professionally finished. This is really important to me, I am not granola and I like my clothing to be well finished, with no threads hanging, even seams. I want it to look like it will hold together. The Sckoons were very very well constructed, I was quite surprised, really.


3/ Cuteness: This is subjective, of course. But I preferred the fabric choices at Sckoon above all others. They were feminine and modern -- not childish and hokey.


The one criteria I initially neglected was one that Sckoon over performed in too -- SERVICE. The items arrived very quickly -- they got to me before some companies have even shipped theirs. Sckoon sent the items by regular mail, meaning it was the cheapest for me. Because of their low key packaging, the pads arrived without incurring duty -- a double bonus. I was very grateful for their terrific service after I experienced the delivery times of the other companies.


I'll be sticking with Sckoon. Love their product, and totally totally love their service

- Katherine, Tronto CANADA


I did shop around quite a bit before deciding to order with sckoon. Their prices were not the lowest but I still rated them excellent due to the quality of the product. The cotton is of very fine grade and incredibly soft and I found the design better than the other pads I looked at. The customer service was excellent in two instances. I called with questions as I was new to cloth pads and also a mom about to have a baby. I immediately got a very kind lady on the phone who was very helpful about describing the different pads and the best postpartum choice. The shipping was timely except that I must have mistakenly thrown away the delivery notice so I was still waiting after 2 weeks on my order. I called and a gentleman gave me a tracking number AND called me back right away after checking himself on the status of my package. Thats what I call customer service! I highly recommend Sckoons store products.

- Ann, Questa NM


Customer service is superlative. On most orders I get a personal call from a customer rep making sure my order is in order. Prices are steep, but the product is superior. Some more product description (of the leakproof items) would be useful. A color swatch sample would be a better way to navigate rather than clicking on each product.

- Betsy, Seattle WA


I am very happy with my purchase of Sckoon cloth menstrual pads. I was using Glad rags, but frankly your pads are much better. The fit is extremely comfortable and clean up is a breeze. The fabric is soooo soft and breathable. I love the protection from the overnight pads. I don't worry about staining my sheets anymore from leaking pads.

- Lourdes, San Jose CA


This is the second time that Ive purchased from Sckoon, and I wouldnt hesitate to recommend them to everyone. Shipping is miraculously fast and the product is worth its weight in gold. Thanks, Sckoon!

- Rachel, Torrington CT


Sckoon is the best among all menstrual pads (disposable pads and cloth pads) I used before. The softness is no comparison with other major brands, and wow!, it gets softer and softer after tons of washes. Is it a power of good quality organic cotton? Sckoon Organic Cotton Pad has made me a very happy person!

- Brenda, NYC NY


Sckoon's Egyptian organic cotton makes their cloth menstrual pads the most trusted in my collection! They are the most absorbent I own and they come in adorable prints that make you happy to wear them. In fact, they're the only organic cotton pads I've found that even come in prints! I love Sckoon...they're the first pads I reach for! I'd highly, highly recommend them to anyone interested in cloth because they're incredibly soft, comfy, cute and most importantly, absorbent and dependable. Try won't be disappointed!

- Laci, Shelton, CT


I love my Sckoon pads!! When I made the switch to cloth 3 years ago, Sckoons were one of the first brands I tried because they were organic and came in such cute colors and prints. But the softness of the Sckoons---the best part!! Then the fact that you can refold the liners and swap them out when needed instead of changing the whole pad every time is a real money and space saver when traveling. I recently bought some of the Giza leak proof and I LOVE these---they really are leakproof, soft and such cool prints! I highly recommend giving Sckoons a try!

- Katie, Salmon, ID


In preparation for my first post partum cycle, I purchased a variety pack of cloth menstrual pads. Several brands were selected and shipped to me and I am so happy Sckoon Organic Day Cloth Menstrual Pads were included! Sckoon pads are, by far, the best cloth pads I've tried! They are soft, comfortable, absorbent and practical. I love being able to just change the liner when needed rather than replacing the whole pad, and the fabric patterns are so feminine! I went ahead and ordered 12 additional Sckoon pads (half Organic Day, half GIZA) plus some extra liners and now have enough for my entire period without a need to wash. I have been trying to convince all the women I know to try Sckoon pads; I'll never use another pad again!

- Samantha, Jacksonville, FL


Body:I was a little weirded out by the thought of cloth pads, but was willing to try them b/c of environmental concerns. But when I got them I LOVED them. They are easy to use, feel great, easy to wash, and totally not gross at all. There is no more chafing, smell, or leaking that come with regular Always pads. Will never go back to disposables now. The patterns they have are soooo cute and actually make you feel your period is something you can look forward to without dread. I feel completely at ease recommending these products.

- Lauren, Piscataway NJ


I recently switched from disposable pads to washable cloth pads. I purchased pads from two different companies selected out of all the others I found online. The Sckoon washable menstrual pads are, by far, my favorite! They're incrediably well sewn and the unique design allows me to keep fresh with a simple refolding of the liner. The pads from the other company are beginning to show wear at the seams already, after only 3 months of use!!!! My Sckoon pads still look new! Thanks to Sckoon for an excellent quality washable pad that brings a bit of sunshine to an otherwise dreary period!!!

Melissa, Oakland, CA


I bought one Sckoon organic day pad and one Sckoon Giza day pad to try when I decided to switch to cloth menstrual products. I ordered pads from several different manufacturers. I really like the Sckoon products because they are organic, colourful and very comfortable. The organic cotton liners are so soft and they wash well. I also appreciate security of the leak-proof Giza pads when I am at work. I like the convenience of carrying extra liners to change instead of the whole pad. I will definitely keep using Sckoon Organics. Thanks for the great products!

- Christine, Tronto, Canada


I had used other brands cloth mentsrual pads and never liked them. But since I found Sckoon organic cloth menstrual pads, my life has changed. I love the soft touch of Sckoon. And unlike other organic pads which are plain, Sckoon Pads are colorful, fun, and organic cotton. Sckoon is the only organic cotton menstrual pads with organic certification. I looked at other pads claiming organic cotton but there is no proof.

- June, Los Altos CA


I am Japanese and now the cloth napkin is very popular. I was recommended by a friend who uses Sckoon, and sure enough it was really good. The difference between other cloth napkin is the softness of the fabric and the fun color. If you are interested in trying, Sckoon is the best!

- Tomoko, Fort Lee NJ


Love the products!!! Really soft and gives a lot of confort.A must have, specially for those with sensitive skin. Easy to purchase, fast shipping and delivery. Great customer service! Highly recommend!!!

- Luciana, Irvine CA




I was having severe urinary urgency and pain due to the disposable pads I used for stress incontinence. The thicker pads I bought, the more reaction I was having and it was miserable. Finally I searched on the internet for natural pads, and I found Sckoon pads. You sent them out immediately and overnighted them at my request. The relief was phenomenal and immediate. I have no urgency and very little stress incontinence any more. I have used these for over a year now and love them. They are very soft, absorbant, and wash wonderfully time after time. Saves alot of money!!

- JoAnna, Hamburg, PA


I have been using Sckoon pads for about a year now, and I love them! The organic cotton is very soft and absorbent, the pads are high quality and well-made, and the patterns are pretty. Previously, I used Glad Rags, but I have found the Sckoon pads give better coverage as they are a bit longer, and they are much softer and thicker. Thank you for making such a wonderful product!

- Jenny, La Grange, IL


I love Sckoon pads, the quality construction, the beautiful fabrics, the comfort (its the softest cotton I've ever felt!), and they're easy to use too! I will recommend them to everyone! I suggest purchasing a trial package and trying it out before purchasing enough for an entire cycle. I'm going to purchase more! I'm actually excited for my period!!

-Kristin, NYC, NY


I had a good experience shopping at I find the website very easy to use and the information of their products clear. Ive had several question so I called Sckoon several times and the customer service was excellent; very helpful people and I got answers to all my questions and some more! The shipping charge and the product price I find a little too expensive but I love their quality and that its 100% organic down to the thread. Though prices could be still lowered a little. However, I know Ill be coming back for more, just not as often as Id like.


I was hesitant to make the switch because I thought that the pads wouldn't be as comfortable and that they would shift all over the place. I did research online and decided to get some from another 2 places and some from Sckoon. The ones I got from Sckoon were organic and by far the softest material! They are so comfortable you will hardly want to take them off at the end of your cycle! Now my only problem is wanting to buy more (but not needing more yet)! Thanks for a great product and great customer service!

- Nicole, Staatsburg, NY


5 stars! I was skeptical of cloth menstrual pads since I had never tried it before but gave it a shot after learning that disposable pads actually take up more room in landfills than disposable diapers! They are SO much more comfortable and so cute, I will never go back to disposables. And it feels great to do my little part to help the environment. The little extra effort it takes to clean them definitely outweighs having to go to the store all the time to buy disposables. I will recommed these to every woman I know.

- Rhiannon, Norton, MA


This pad comes with two liners (you can fold the liner in 4 quarters and place it in the little pockets). Most of the time I can just change only liners. During lighter days I fold the liners differently so I have a clean surface each time I visit the toilet. Very practical!!


It doesn't move around in the underwear and very absorbent, especially when you don't use fabric softener in the wash. This is the only organic cotton with fun prints I've found and I've done my research! Since it's made of organic cotton, it's irritant free (I was itching even from the regular cottons; they contain lots of chemicals because the way they are grown, processed, dyed, etc.)...and not bulkier as lets say a Kotex night pad.

- Amy, Sunny Vale, CA


On the Sckoon website I read that the pads'last about 5-6 years! I totally believe it now having seen how well they are put together. Good craftsmanship! You can also purchase little carrying cases for your pads so when you're out you can transport your clean and used liners (when you get home soak your used pads in cold water so they won't stain).

Before I started using cloth pads, my first thought was that it'd be lots of work to take care of them (washing and so on) but thank God it isn't! What I do is just keep a bucket with a lid in the bathroom next to the toilet and I just throw the used pads and liners in there. The bucket has cold water and sometimes a few drops of Tree Tea Oil for extra sanitizing. Then I just change the water everyday once and when I'm done with my period I throw the used pads and liners in the washing machine with the dirty towels or whatever I'm washing. That's it.


I didn't know much about cloth pads when I started using them so I had to call Sckoon and ask several questions; they were very helpful and informative!


What I really love about these pads is that they are soooo comfortable!!! The pads are made of fuzzy, VERY SOFT, flannel fabric. The liners have one side flannel and the other side a smooth knit (all organic cotton)!


..and now one con. As much as I love my Sckoon pads, I wish they were just a little longer since they tend to shrink a little bit at the wash. I've purchased older style Sckoon pads (without the binding around the edges), I washed them and there wasn't any shrinkage (they might be using a different kind of fabric now? Not sure.) However, this is my only complaint!


Now that I tried Sckoon, I don't want to use plastic pads again..on the whole, these are great pads and my experience was very positive with them! Therefore I absolutely recommend Sckoon to everybody, I'll be back for more fun prints!!!


Very absorbent and fluffy!, May 5, 2007


I own the day set as well as the mini set and both are very absorbent and fit perfectly into the pockets of the pads. You get double ply, over lapping fabric in the middle of the square liner and single ply at the 2 sides/edges. When this cleverly constructed square liner folds up, the single ply-part goes into the pockets of the pad reducing bulkiness and the double ply which will sit right underneath you will absorb the fluid. The liners made of fuzzy, fluffy cotton flannel on one side and soft cotton knit on the other (all organic!) so it's like sitting on clouds ;) You can decide which feel you prefer for the day! Very clever!:)


Life saver! :), April 26, 2007 Love Sckoon, a true life saver!! I have had constant vaginitis over 12 years now and I just recently discovered the cause (doctors couldn't find any cause despite the many many tests I had over the years) which is irritation from products, like dyes, bleach, ect. found in regular fabrics. Many products claim to be organic cotton and even say that they are certified! Yet when using them I'm irritated again. Not so with Sckoon! This is about the only (truly certified) organic cotton I find and my body can tolerate!! Sckoon is a God-sent because I'm not only using the regular pads for cycles but I'm using the mini pads for everyday panty liners (I take the liner out though so it's not too thick for everyday use). With the liner, I use the pad at the beginning and end of my period.


If you have any unidentified irritations get this pad and give it a try!! It might just sort your issues out too! Highly recommended!:)