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SckoonCup Made in USA - FDA Registered - Organic Cotton Pouch- Sckoon Menstrual Cup - Purple "Zen"


Engineered for functionality and unparalleled comfort, Sckoon menstrual cup keeps your period simple, clean and worry-free. Its unique suction holes mold smoothly to the wall for comfort, easy-to-clean, and leak-free assurance. Its smooth, ridge-free construction promises little to no feeling when in use.

SckoonCup's Superior Features - No seams, a smoother rim, and no writing inside or out, for comfort and faster clean-up. - High capacity, angled suction holes, and aesthetically pleasant. - A slimmer, softer stem for your comfort, with a solid design to make insert/removal & cleaning simple.

• Medical-grade silicone
• Made in USA. FDA cleared and registered.
• Comes with a 100% organic cotton pouch

      • Size 1: Small, for women who haven't previously given birth vaginally. Capacity 23ml, SckoonCup size 1 is 1.6 inches in diameter, 1.6 inches in cup length, and the stem is 1.2 inches for a total length of 2.8 inches.
        Size 2: Large, for women who have given birth vaginally. Capacity 30ml, SckoonCup size 2 is 1.8 inches in diameter, 2.0 inches in cup length, and the stem is 0.8 inches for a total length of 2.8 inches.

      • SckoonCup is easily and painlessly inserted like a tampon. Due to the cup’s positioning lower in the cervix, SckoonCup can be comfortably used throughout the day with no sensation from the cup or its stem. SckoonCup gently seals to the internal walls of your vagina, staying secure and providing you with a care-free, leak-free period in the face of any activity. When removing SckoonCup, do not pull on the stem, but rather use the stem as an aid with the grips on the bottom of the cup. Gently squeeze the bottom of the cup to break the air seal, and remove.


        How SckoonCup is different from other menstrual cups


        Aesthetically pleasant, engineered for functionality and comfort, SckoonCup will change your hygiene experience forever. Being different makes us better!

        Designed for Comfort

        Our advanced molding technology ensures SckoonCup’s outer curve is completely smooth and gradually thickens toward the rim. Other menstrual cups often have bumps around the rim, which may cause discomfort. SckoonCup is easier to clean and comfortable to insert & remove over other menstrual cups.

        Durable Superior Engineering

        SckoonCup is designed to be durable, easy to clean, and comfortable to wear. Most menstrual cups are molded in two pieces before assembly, leaving them with a seam on the side of the cup that can cause irritation and less durability. SckoonCup is made from one single piece of silicone, which offers maximum durability with a completely smooth outer surface.

        SckoonCup's Superior Features

        SckoonCup menstrual cup superior design

        Soft, Squishy and Flexible

        SckoonCup is made in the USA of the highest quality, FDA approved medical-grade silicone. Since it’s soft, it’s easy to fold for insertion yet has enough spring to pop open easily once inserted. The slimmer, softer stem bends as your body moves so it won’t poke you, providing you with ultimate comfort.

        3 Years R&D for Perfection

        SckoonCup spent 3 years in R&D working with hundreds of women to improve the issues with existing menstrual cups. The result is a softer, smoother, smaller-yet-high capacity menstrual cup that many women report is more comfortable than tampons. Engineered for functionality and unparalleled comfort, Sckoon menstrual cup keeps your period simple, clean and worry-free.

        Unique Suction Holes

        SckoonCup’s suction holes are part of the molding process – not added later by piercing the wall vertically – leaving the cup's outer wall surface completely smooth, without any sharp, uncomfortable edges or problems with clogging. They are designed to angle almost to the rim, allowing SckoonCup a higher capacity even if it feels smaller than other cups.

        Made in the USA - FDA Cleared & Registered

        SckoonCup is made in the USA From FDA approved medical Grade Silicone. Even the packaging is eco-friendly, made in the USA from recycled materials.

        • SckoonCup is "CLEARED" by the FDA: For a menstrual cup to be “Cleared” by the FDA, they need to submit and Clear a “510(k) premarket notification“ a lengthy and expensive process of product inspections, and testing. FDA 510(k) clearance is a further assurance that a cup brand is good quality and in compliance with the FDA requirements for medical devices supported by Data Safety Sheets, Master Files that provide data on Biocompatibility and toxicity testing, and manufactured in ISO9001:2008 BSI American Certified Facility , as it has undergone testing/regulation processes.
        • Sckooncup is "REGISTERED" with the FDA. This is an administrative process to just register the menstrual cup and the company selling it. All legal sellers must register, has nothing to do with Menstrual cup quality or testing.


    • Why SckoonCup

      Reliable Protection

      SckoonCup can be worn up to 12 hours, even on heavy days. We located the suction holes higher and angled them for maximum capacity, so you don’t have to worry about leaks.

      Sckoon menstrual cup bottom


      Healthy Alternative to Tampons


      Free of synthetic fibers, bleach and dioxin, SckoonCup is a healthier and safer alternative to tampons. With SckoonCup, you don’t have to worry about Toxic-Shock Syndrome (TSS) or vaginal infections with proper use. And unlike tampons, SckoonCup doesn’t absorb moisture, which can cause dryness and discomfort.

      Sckoon menstrual cup bottom


      Live Your Active Life


      You can feel confident wearing your cute white yoga pants to exercise. With SckoonCup, every outfit is possible, and every day is promising.

      Sckoon menstrual cup bottom


      Feel COMFORTABLE and confident


      Sometimes, it’s like your period is there to thwart you… you want to show off your new bikini at that pool party, but aren’t comfortable with tampons. With SckoonCup, you can feel confident hopping in the pool whenever you want.

      Sckoon menstrual cup bottom




      Nothing feels quite like a massage when you’re on your period, but how can you enjoy it if you’re worried about leaking? With SckoonCup’s reliable protection, you can schedule that massage any time, any day.

      Sckoon menstrual cup bottom


      Walk Lightly and Reap the Rewards


      The beauty of SckoonCup is it’s completely reusable, giving you convenience while saving you money. It can also help you lower your impact on the environment, compared to using disposable tampons or pads.

      Sckoon menstrual cup bottom


      Feel Good About Your Purchase


      SckoonCup reflects the ideals we are passionate about at Sckoon, both for our customers and the planet. Sustainability and environmental accountability are things we take seriously, and we know you do too. That’s why we’ve been an organic brand for over 15 years and one of the pioneers of green concepts.







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